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I have taken a review class with Dr. Yuen, and it is amazing how he has updated and streamlined his method in the 9 years since I first started using it. 
Please join me in this new approach to energy healing. 
How I Work

I use Yuen Method, Reiki, and intuitive spiritual awareness counseling and prayer to help you shift your energy. I am a Reiki Master, a Yuen Method practitioner-in-training with over 1000 hours experience, and a ULC Minister.  I am also a medical intuitive and animal communicator, and a CMT (certified massage therapist). 

What is Yuen Method?

Yuen Method is a form of energy adjustment taught by Dr. Kam Yuen.  He is a chiropractor, engineer, 35th generation Shaolin Master and the original techni­cal advisor for the Kung Fu television show.  This no-touch form of energy clear­ing is useful for many issues, on many levels.  It can be very effective even on old chronic problems. 

Dr. Yuen shows that there are 'chi switches' in our ‘organic computers’ that are not currently set to support our health and well being.  This method seeks out those areas and energetically corrects them.  There are also specific protocols useful for financial and relationship clear­ing, as well as many other issues.  I am a Yuen Method practitioner-in-training with over 1000 hours experience.   Humans and animals have both benefited from Yuen sessions.

                                                                What is Reiki?

In its simplest form you do Reiki already, when you hold your toe if you just dropped something on it, or put your hand on your elbow if you just banged it.

Reiki is the life force energy that runs through your palms like through a hose, and getting Reiki attunements enlarges the size of the 'hose' so that more energy can get through to whatever needs help. Sometimes it just activates your 'listening/observing', and other times it promotes relief of some sort. Dr. Andrew Weil has recommended it for pain relief and shortening recovery time from surgery, and studies are beginning to show these and other beneficial effects of Reiki.

Reiki can be a journey to increased awareness and connection with ourselves, our families, and our animals. If you only used it for stress relief, so much of quality and quantity of life is improved by reducing the effects of negative stress.

Denise Schultz                                 (831)477-6820
Reiki Master, Yuen Method P-I-T, ULC Minister
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