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I have taken a review class with Dr. Yuen, and it is amazing how he has updated and streamlined his method in the 9 years since I first started using it. 
Please join me in this new approach to energy healing. 
 Energy Healing sessions: 
  • The process
  • What you and I do,
  • What to look for

1. You write an affirmation, as much as possible in positive language. See the guidelines below, and check the sample affirmations if you wish. An affirmation can be from a sentence to a page or more. If the affirmation is very long, we may need to break it up into two sessions.

2. We schedule a 4 hour block of time for the session when you will not have any responsibilities. You don't have to 'hold still', if gardening, walking, reading or something else is relaxing and delightful for you, that's fine, it's just a time with no 'hafta' in it. If the only way you can get 4 hours with no 'hafta do ...' is during your sleep, we pick a night when I can do a late session.

3. I do the session during that 4 hour time, but we are not on the phone. The session is usually one to two hours, occasionally three. During your session, I do energy testing and corrections to see where your chi is strong or weak on between several hundred to several thousand items. I work with many resources: the affirmation you and I have put together, detailed anatomy charts, flow charts and texts by Dr. Yuen, as well as items I am intuitively guided to during the course of your session.

4. When we schedule the session time, we also schedule a time for a follow-up phone appointment when I give you the report of the session. The report usually takes about an hour, and it is good for you to get the report within a day or two of the session. I tape the report (not the session).  You have your choice of either the tape or a color print of your affirmation included in the session price.  You may choose both the tape and color print for an additional charge of $6. 

5. It is good to be open-minded as you observe yourself after the session. It is easier to see improvements then. In my own sessions, I have noticed that some long-entrenched problems were no longer hard-wired, but I had to keep from habitually expressing them. For example, a limp or frequent pain can have become a habit. When the cause of the limp disappears, we may want to remind ourselves to enjoy our new, more functional self.

6. Some problems are held in place by something like an energy 'muscle'. If you get some immediate relief, but you want more help, we may need to train the old muscle to let go, and instruct a positive muscle to replace it. You may decide to schedule a second session within a few days, or sometimes about two weeks after the first session.

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