StormWatch 97: The October Blizzard

(24-26 Oct 97)

(Let It Snow!)^3

What do you do when a couple of feet of snow and 45+ MPH winds decide to stop by for the weekend here in Colorado Springs?! READ BOOKS and DRINK HOT TEA, of course! Hot baths, coffee, and chocolate chip cookies are also popular when the Old Man Winter comes to town. We (including the two canine kids) did venture out on an "around the loop" adventure but only made it half-way. The snow was too deep!

Bandit dwarfed by a drift! When nature calls...

It was alot of snow, get my drift?!

Laurel bundled up.  Can you find Bandit in this picture?!

A Goshawk eating breakfast.  Yum.

This is a picture of a Northern Goshawk. He flew into our yard the morning after the blizzard, bringing his breakfast (a pigeon) with him. The magpie (left) wants a bite too, please! The hawk returned the next morning in a repeat performance. This type of hawk is not common in Colorado Springs. This older adult male was probably driven down from the high country by the blizzard and forced to prey on the birds gathered at neighborhood feeders.

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