Laurel's Hippie Page


Well, it's more like I'm a hippie wanna-be, seeing as to how I was born a bit too late to a be a flower child. I wasn't even a product of flower children, since my parents are a bit too conservative and dignified to qualify. But it's all in the spirit, isn't it?

When I was ten my much older sister tossed her hippie shirt in the Goodwill bag. It was a brown shirt with buttons and ties and yellow daisies embroidered all over it, and it was about five years out of style. But I loved the shirt and salvaged it from the Goodwill bag and hung it up in my closet to wait until I grew into it. Funny, but by the time it fit me hippie clothes were back in style. Now I wear it to work. Kind of makes my boss cringe a bit. And the retro clothes on the racks today don't even compare. One might call it authentic.

Of course I wear Birkenstocks even though they kill my feet. Mostly, though, I prefer to go barefoot. I've gone barefoot since I was a little kid and my feet are tough as nails. Nothing phases them. They are ugly feet, but they function well. Get me through ballet classes, anyway. That's more than I can say for my knees.

Most retro people are, like, in junior high. You'd think I would have outgrown this thing. I'm 28 and a half years old. Maybe it's because I miss college. As a Biology major, I hung out with my fair share of earthy people. The only Bio majors that didn't look like hippies (or the '90's equivalent) were the Pre-Meds. And I didn't hang out with them.

Like any good hippie I have a good dog. She's apartment-sized, though. Not what a camp-out dog would normally look like. But she has no idea that she isn't as big as the border collie next door. She can climb any mountain (though sometimes I have to carry her over the really big boulders). And she wears bandanas, not ribbons.

I also practice yoga. Learned it in college (of course); but I can't meditate to save my life. Yoga, though, is really something. Hippie or not, you really should try it.

When I met my husband (he's a really conservative guy, republican all the way) I cut off my hair (several feet of it). Now, I'd had very long hair all my life and this fit with my wished-for hippie image perfectly. But people typically want what they have never had and I'd been curious about short hair for a long time. It was so short it was shaved up the back and had a little duck tale. Gads. I hated it. John didn't even recognize me at first. If you visit our honeymoon page you can see pictures of it when it was beginning to grow back out. More than one person has told me that I "look a lot better with short hair" but it's more about how I feel. It's back to long again. (Incidentally, on our first date I let my hair down -- so to speak -- and John told me later that if he had known how long it was he never would have asked me out. He said I looked like a "damned hippie.")

So, I was born about 15 years too late to be able to get away with calling myself a hippie. But I'll try it anyway. Maybe one of you reading this page will someday see me at a Rainbow gathering selling incense. Until then, peace.