- Is it true that Bob Dylan was born around here? , demandai-je à des enfants qui jouaient sur le trottoir.

- Who? , demandèrent-ils tous.

- Bob Dylan! The singer... You don't know Bob Dylan?

- No...

- He's an old singer... and I think he was born here, somewhere... You don't know who's Bob Dylan?, demandai-je à nouveau, avec insistance.

- No, répétaient-ils en coeur.

- Of course, you're too young... , me résignai-je.

- Should ask Tony, me conseilla-t-il enfin.

- Thank you very much, man!

Tony, c'était le mec qui lavait sa camaro dans l'entrée de garage voisine. Il devait avoir dans les 35 ans, il devait savoir qui était Bob Dylan:

- Excuse me, is it true that Bob Dylan was born on that street?

Le gars se leva la tête et me regarda avec le sourire du mec qui se dit: Eh! , Eh! , un autre:

- Yeah, just over there. The orange house. On the second floor.

- Really?

Le mec me regardait d'un air amusé.

- You're a lot into the Dylan thing, aren't ya? , me demanda-t-il.

- I don't know. I'm just travelling and I had a lift to here and this old man down there told me that Bob Dylan was born here.

- He was born here but his family moved out of town in the range when he was young.

- I know. What's the name of that town?

- Aaah, Hibbing. In the North Country.

- How far is Hibbing from here?

- You wanna go there? There's nothing there. Hibbing is a small town, there's nothing to do there, man. If you're looking for some action, better go to the Twin-Cities.

- Yeah, I know, but how far is it?

- Hibbing?

- Yeah.

- I don't know. About 75 miles North. But there's nothing there.

- I know. Thank you.

- Hey... fit-il, soudain, au moment où j'allais partir. I'm going up North tomorrow. I can drive you there if you want. Just be here at 9.

- Great! I'll be here at 9. Thanks a lot.