-Bob Dylan, "Like a Rolling Stone"

Seen along U.S. 53 in Wisconsin

This sign was seen along U.S. 53 in Wisconsin, about 50 miles south of Duluth.

That way, down Highway 61... Actually, Minnesota Highway 61 does not run through Hibbing. It does however, run through Duluth, along Lake Superior. Hibbing is northwest of Duluth. Yahoo! has a map of the area to help you get orientated. My route to Hibbing took me from Indiana through Illinois (I avoided Chicago - I hear the winds there can tear you to shreds), through Wisconsin, and into Duluth on US 53. I spotted Minnesota 61 and just had to take a short detour. It's not the Highway 61 but it was better than nothing. I wandered around Duluth as dark came on. I was searching for the Positively 3rd Street Bakery but I wasn't wasn't prepared with this Yahoo! Map and couldn't find the place. Dylan fans Linda and Anne both give the place good reviews.

I headed for Hibbing via US 53. About 45 miles out of town you come upon State Road (SR) 37. My soundtrack for the Duluth-to-Hibbing journey was Time Out Of Mind. As I pulled off of 53 and on to 37, Cold Irons Bound was blasting. I was 20 miles out of town... go figure.


Several main roads lead to Hibbing. SR 37 actually ends just outside of the main downtown area, connecting with US 169. To get into the main part of Hibbing from SR 37, go north or south on US 169 and take the side roads into town. There are signs for "Downtown Hibbing" if you head south on US 169 from SR 37. SR 73 is a good road for travelers from the southern part of Minnesota.

All the main services (gas, fast food, and motels) are east of Hibbing at the junction of US 169 and SR 37. To get more detailed information on getting into Hibbing from the main roads, go to this map and zoom in on the particular route. To get more information on Hibbing attractions, check out the Things to See section of this site.