Monkey Wrench Gang

By Edward Abbey


This is my all-time favorite novel as it encompasses everything I love in life. Specifically, you get as much of a feel of canyon country as you can without actually being there. Furthermore, Doc, Bonnie, Seldom, and Hayduke have one adventure after another that keep the reader in constant suspense. It's also a love story -- romance between lost souls and love for a land that must be saved.

Many have said that the book reads like a script and, indeed, there has been talk of a movie being filmed in the future. At this time, Dustin Hoffman has the script but I haven't heard how far he has taken it. I'm quite curious who he will cast in the various rolls and wouldn't mind playing Bonnie myself. Woody Harrelson would make a nice Seldom. Doc could be played by Sean Connery (oh, please!). Let's see. Hayduke. Hmm. Keifer Sutherland??? No. Lisa Kudrow, that gal who plays Phoebe on Friends, would make a good Bonnie. Kind of an earthy soul.

For those of you who have read Monkey Wrench Gang I have written a bit of a quiz, though it is oriented to those who have either really paid attention or who have read the book over and over again as I have. The answers are at the bottom of the page.


1. Where does Bonnie keep her pot stash?

2. What vehicle tried to chase down Doc on his bike?

3. What was the name of the mine where the gang hung out waiting for Hayduke?

4. While waiting for the coal train, Doc tripped over a plant. What plant was it?

5. Seldom offered to float this kind of food down the river to Hayduke if he were to hide out in the canyons.

6. Bonnie's advanced degree was in what subject?

7. How many six-packs is it from Tucson to Flagstaff?

8. According to Hayduke, what is the highest good (not safety)?

9. Seldom (and probably Doc and Hayduke, as well) would love to see Bonnie in what attire while perched on a house boat on Lake Foul?

10. What medieval weapons did Doc add to his arsenal to keep Bishop Love at bay?




1. A tampon tube

2. A cement truck

3. The Hidden Splendor Mine

4. Fallugia paradoxa (Apache Plume)

5. Watermelons

6. French Literature

7. 3

8. Freedom

9. Black string bikini

10. Caltrops