Just want to send out a good report on Patrick Motors of Auburn Massachusetts (1-800-367-7222 [local: (508) 832-8883]). After realizing that we were not going to get the car of our dreams through a local (Colorado Springs, Colorado) dealer anytime soon, I went looking around the country for a silver 1999 TDI NB with the luxury package. After lots of phone calls and false starts, I called Patrick Motors - on tip from Stan Zakharenko ( - and they had just the car I was looking for. Our salesman was Michael Hardink. He said the car had just arrived and wasn't spoken for - it sort of just showed up one day. Talk about good "carma!" ;-)

Michael took great care of us, answered my seemingly endless questions, and really put himself in our place - buying a car long-distance can be a little nerve-racking! He kept us informed about the transaction, helped arrange for shipment, and sent along some goodies (a couple of VW key chains, a hat pin, and a copy of the April poetry book even though our car was actually purchased in March). David Mack was the business manager there and took care of all the money and registration details for us. We got the car for MSRP - this was a fairly rare car in March 1999, a silver/TDI/luxury with black leather. Bottom line? If you want a great sales experience, call Patrick Motors and ask for Michael Hardink! Patrick Motors seems to get alot of cars from VW - they might just have what you are looking for!

Bonnie the NB was just as advertised and we've had a splendid time with our new "baby."

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Take care,

John and Laurel Berry


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