Meet Bonnie the New Beetle!

This page is dedicated to displaying pictures of our new "baby" - Bonnie the New Beetle.

It was a dark and stormy night... actually, it was a gray and mucky day, the day Bonnie arrived. At least the morning was unpleasant - wet spring snow and overcast. About the time the sun came out - noon - we got a call. Bonnie was within a few miles of the house. "Come on by if you'd like to see her delivered!" Having a New Beetle delivered is an excellent reason for leaving work early. Try it some time!

For the BeetleHeads or BeetleHead Wanna-bes: Bonnie is a silver, TDI 1999 NB with black leather interior and the luxury package (sunroof and alloy wheels). "TDI" stands for Turbo Direct Injection - Bonnie runs on diesel fuel. GO TDI! Hard to argue with 50 mpg or more!

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Vital Statistics

Gestation: about 10 months ("conceived" July 1998, delivered April 1999)
Weight: Are you nuts?! Never ask a woman how much she weighs! :-)
Wheelbase: 98.9 in (2513 mm)
Engine: 1.9 liter Turbo Direct Injection (TDI) diesel (90 hp @ 4000 r/min, 149 ft-lbs @ 1900 r/min)
Price: MSRP [build your own at the VW website!]

Mother and daughter are doing fine! Bonnie is named after a main character in one of Laurel's favorite books, The Monkey Wrench Gang by Edward Abbey.

A very dirty Bonnie awaiting the final roll-off. All the way from Auburn Massachusetts to Colorado Springs Colorado. Home at last, little Bonnie!


The proud "mother" Laurel and Bonnie. Click here for a higher-resolution version.


This is Laurel at Mueller State Park (just south of Divide Colorado) one dark and starry night. What is she looking for? She's looking for - I'm not making this up - the Mothership. It all goes back to the idea that New Beetles are really "pods" reverse engineered from UFOs (hey, that's what the ad from VW says!). We will all gather in Roswell New Mexico in the summer of 2000 to greet the Mothership and perhaps get test drives of the Mothership. See Lisa's Roswell page for more info. Get a pod! Join the gathering! The silver pods get first dibs on Mothership rides. Click here for a higher-resolution version.


Who could resist that smile?! See the little "crown" she has when her sunroof is open?


Bonnie's good side. Well, they are all good sides! :-)


Sunshine is a good thing. Note the sunroof! Some of you may want to know what the car looks like with the sunroof closed. Our response is: "What!? The sunroof closes?!" ;-) Click here for a higher-resolution version.