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Here are some interesting links concerning our new home, the Washington DC area...

We have three very hairy children that we love dearly. You can also send us e-mail about your overly hairy children!

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Trains! Visit our train page! RealAudio from Johnny Cash!

 StormWatch97! An October '97 blizzard hit our home in the Rocky Mountains.
Meet the New Beetle! Visit Bonnie's page...

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Sloths and rain forest resources

All Aboard! Our trip to Antonito, CO; Chama, NM; and our ride on the Cumbers & Toltec Scenic RR

My name's Laurel and I'm a hippie

John hiked up Pike's Peak and wrote a little story about it.

Positively 24th Street: A Pilgrim's Guide to Hibbing is now open! Ah, good ol' Hibbing...

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