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I have a great life and if weren't for the Landmark Forum, I would have a totally different life than I have today. When my best friend, Mary Jo Peterson called me many years ago to very enthusiastically share this course with me, that she had just completed, I never dreamed that the result of my participation would be to meet the man of my dreams, have 3 beautiful children with him and have the privilege of having hundreds or even thousands of life changing conversations with people through my experience of assisting (volunteering) at Landmark and working for the company.

In looking back at those years since I first participated, I have to say that where the Landmark Forum has made the most difference in my life is in my ongoing experience of being profoundly related to all people no matter who they are or where they are from. The result has been more love, joy and playfulness in all of my relationships. In a world where we often focus so much more on each others differences, instead of our similarities, the Forum has provided the technology for my family (three out of five of us have completed the Forum) to powerfully fulfill on our commitment to making a difference in the lives of others by knowing that each of us can and do make a difference if we only just say we can.

- Sandy F.


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