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I created this site as an expression of myself and my family and how we feel about the Landmark Forum and what each of us has received as a result of it. 

I am creating this page because there is a tremendous amount of negative, misleading and false information about The Landmark Forum on the Internet. I have read stories about how Landmark "ruined my life," or whatever, on different web sites. I do not know these people personally and can only take these stories at face value. What I can tell you is that I found many of these stories on a site that makes money from posting negative information about other organizations. People pay money to make sure their relatives are not involved with any type of cult activity. I cannot speak about the other organizations listed on this one particular web site because I do not have any association with them. However, I do have contact with Landmark Education and can tell you what I know about them. 

There have actually been many independent scientific studies done on The Landmark Forum. None of them called The Landmark Forum or Landmark Education a cult! Harvard University did a study on Landmark Education. Daniel Yankelovich, a noted social scientist, did a study on Landmark Education. They both have said many favorable things about Landmark Education. Many noted Hollywood performers have participated in The Landmark Forum. The Landmark Forum has been done in businesses, Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations and government institutions including the U.S. State Department and the Police Academy of Mexico City. 

The Landmark Forum is designed to create a "paradigm shift" such that the quality of ones relationships improves, we have more confidence, increase our productivity and have a greater experience of the difference we make in the world. In short, we have more fun and are more alive than before. What goes on in The Landmark Forum is a conversation. No one harasses or confronts you. You can "share" with the group if you want to by simply raising your hand. People are free to come and go as they please and there are frequent bathroom/meal breaks.  The vast majority of people, 80 - 90 percent, report that the The Landmark Forum was one of the best things they have done. And over 100,000 people take The Landmark Forum every year.

My wife and I and our families continue to derive daily benefits from our participation in The Landmark Forum. Almost everyone in my wife's family has participated at one time or another. No one besides myself has participated on my side of the family. The Landmark Forum is not perfect and the people that run Landmark Education are not perfect either. The Landmark Forum is complete when the 3 days and the evening session are over. One can choose to participate in other Landmark courses, etc, but that is your choice. Over the last 21 years there have been times when I have participated a lot and there have been times that I have not participated at all. The question I keep asking myself is why do I participate? What do I get out of this? What I keep coming back to is that these are good people. Their heart is in the right place. Their goal is to make a positive contribution. And I like hanging around with people like that. 

Steve F.


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