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North Rose Window Trinity Episcopal Church Ambler, PA

Charles Ziegler (CZ) Lawrence has devoted his life to the craft of stained glass window-making. Beginning in 1956, CZ embarked on a rigorous, formal apprenticeship to the German master craftsman Rudolph H. Buenz. He is one of the few remaining American stained glass artisans trained in the traditional method.

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Library, Lutheran Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, PA
3.5m x 5.2m

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National Cathedral, Washington, D.C.

CZ Lawrence's many commissions over the last four decades have established him as a true master of American stained glass. Reknowned for both abstract and representational work, Lawrence's skill and genius are sought for both secular and religious venues. Working with individuals, architects or committees, Lawrence will take a concept from design through fabrication and installation.

His commissions and collaborations have included: The National Catherdral, Washington, D.C.; The Washington Temple of the Latter Day Saints, Washington, D.C.; The Burlington Bridge Commission, Burlington County, NJ; Gore (Gore-Tex) Manufacturing Co., Cherry Hill, MD; University of Rochester, Rochester, NY; Penn State University, St. Cyril's Catholic Church, Houston, TX; International Baptist Seminary, The Prague, Czhech Republic; The Lutheran Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, PA and hundreds of other works.

Reformation Window; National Cathedral, Washington, D.C.

Temple Sholom, Broomall, PA

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Prismatic & Dichroic Glass: Maryland School District Percentage for the Arts Commission

Moorings Presbyterian Church, Naples, FL

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