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Cyrano's Morrowind Plugins

Gameplay Tweaks

New Content

Slave Escort

Makes it possible to free all slaves in Vvardenfell, and provides additional options for assisting slaves.

Serious Weather

Adjusts regional weather settings and introduces adverse effects for traveling in severe weather.

Trigger Dark Brotherhood Attack

Delays Tribunal's Dark Brotherhood attacks until a quest is completed that marks the player for assassination.

Exclusive Factions

Increases faction requirements and restricts the availability of faction services.

The Redoran

Slows advancement in House Redoran by requiring the player to complete additional quests.

Acquired Immunity

Allows player to develop immunity to dieases which he or she is exposed.

Traveling Merchants

Adds NPCs that travel scripted routes between towns.

Purchasable Alchemy Laboratory

Introduces ingredient sorting and automated potion mixing in a system that may be installed in any home.

Cyrano's Library

A system of dynamic bookcases that may be used as a modder's resource.