"STRING SWING" (Jazzology JCD-370) Reviews:

"Sayer plays impeccably while leading an equally polished group of musicians. She has a pleasant and appealing voice and … is the dominant force with her updated twist on an old formula."
          Cadence Magazine
   January 2001

"A captivating hour…. The music is toe-tapping, heartwarming, and entirely commendable. Ms Sayer shows mastery of the banjo and guitar and her sidemen support her instrumental and vocal work with imagination and subtle buoyancy."
          The Mississippi Rag    
October 2000
"A great collection of fifteen swingy numbers. It features some excellent single string and chord melody by Cynthia. And then, she sings! Wow. You've just sold me a music CD."
          The Resonator    
September 2000
"She plays banjo with a style and elegance normally not heard from past practitioners of the instrument. She also is adroit at the tenor guitar. The players who accompanied Sayer in the studio are major contributors to the pleasures this CD provides.           
           www.allabout jazz.com/REVIEWS    
April 2001
"Sayer brought all of her experience and talent to the studio to cut this fine album. It is a generous 64 minutes of just plain fun and is strongly recommended."
           AMG ALL MUSIC GUIDE    
April 2001
"Sayer's new CD represents her latest, and to date, most personally inspired solo project. … The eclectic blend of material, instrumentation and arrangements suggest an ongoing musical growth, not only as soloist or vocalist, but as arranger as well. As a vocalist, Cynthia eludes a warmth and joy. It certainly provides a wealth of enjoyable listening and inspiration…. and further solidifies her music and the banjo as a major player in the mainstream of traditional jazz."
          FIGA Magazine (Fretted Instrument Guild Of America)    
July/August 2000
"In this new album, Sayer displays the ability to essay just about any musical avenue she wants to travel."
          The American Rag    
April 2001
"Cynthia Sayer gives us a fine sampling of both her instrumental and vocal talents. She finds opportunities to make her banjo shine. An astute choice of musicians accompany her.…. The results surely justify the name of the album. This jazz recording is one that Cynthia Sayer has accomplished tastefully and creatively."
          Jersey Jazz   
 September 2000
"Had there still been a need for proof that the banjo can create wonderful swing music, Cynthia Sayer provides it impressively. Here are only a few words that fit this CD: swinging, light, easy, very entertaining, extremely agreeable, very worthwhile listening!"
          Banjo Podium (Germany)    
Autumn 2000

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