"JAZZ AT HOME" (Jazzology JCD-270) Reviews:

"Sayer's execution is flawless. She exhibits total command of the banjo, uses the guitar as an alternate, and is the motivational force for all songs. She also is a more than adequate vocalist. Her tone and dynamics work perfectly with the band as she struts her stuff to the lyrics."
           Cadence Magazine    
August 1998

"Cynthia Sayer is a talented traditional jazz musician who sings and plays banjo and tenor guitar with equal expertise. Her voice carries warmth and color ... and her rapid-fire style is phenomenal."
August 1998

"Cynthia Sayer once again demonstrates why she's a blue-ribbon artist. Put simply, Jazz At Home is an album that bears repeated listening, not only to savor Cynthia's skills as both a songstress and instrumentalist but also to examine assorted and sundry solos dished up by a quality cast of musicians."
           The American Rag    
June 1998
"Cynthia Sayer is a young New York-based musician whose prowess on banjo and guitar and ability as a vocalist have made her a popular entertainer at home and abroad. She has learned the lesson that variety is the spice of jazz as well as of life..... We get some artful textural variations and neat solos."
           The Mississippi Rag    
January 1998
"Cynthia Sayer, who is certainly one of the best banjo players in the business, has picked a real all-star band for this fine CD.... Every tune is a definite winner."
           The Resonator    
December 1997
"Cynthia, known as a vocalist as well as banjoist, blends those talents flawlessly throughout the CD. In the world of jazz, the established women artists are few. Those established as instrumentalists are even fewer. Jazz At Home is a testament to her talents and credible position in the jazz world. ....This CD is a 'must'."
           FIGA Magazine (Fretted Instrument Guild Of America)    
August 1998
"Cynthia Sayer sure knows how to pick her musicians... She also knows how to pick songs ... She also plays a mean banjo and guitar, and knows her way around a vocal."
           Jersey Jazz    
August 1998
"Cynthia Sayer is a fine banjo soloist with a nice singing voice. On this CD she utilizes some of the best traditional musicians around. The music is enjoyable."           AMG ALL MUSIC GUIDE    September 1998

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