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"100 Things about Cybertoad"

(updated 1/3/2004)

  1. My favorite color is blue - a deep sapphire/cobalt blue.
  2. Because I like blue, my engagement ring has two small sapphires embedded in the band.
  3. My husband designed my ring without me directly involved.
  4. I love wildflowers, especially Texas wildflowers.
  5. In college, I had several pet rats (they are very smart & loyal).
  6. I spent 3 years studying pre-vet even though I am allergic to cats.
  7. I had asthma as a child and the only thing that still aggravates an attack now is... you guessed it... cats! (see above)
  8. Again, related to #5, I changed my major 3 times in college (Biology --> Biomedical Science --> International Studies)
  9. I failed organic chemistry in college.
  10. I aced my Spanish literature class though.
  11. I lived in college dorm rooms 4 out of my 5 years at the university.
  12. I lost my father when I was a junior in college to diabetic complications. He is dearly missed.
  13. I was a Daddy's girl growing up.
  14. I am inherently lazy - I struggle against constantly!
  15. I am an avid floaty pen collector and have over 300 pens from all over the world.
  16. I also collect artist-signed vintage silver Mexican jewelry from the city of Taxco.
  17. I do not practice any religion but do believe there is something higher than me, just not sure how to define it yet.
  18. I've worn glasses since the 7th grade - and don't ever intend to switch to contacts!
  19. I love frogs/toads hence the alias "Cybertoad".
  20. I love cheese. I hate raw tomatoes and broccoli.
  21. I drive a silver '97 Honda Civic.
  22. I LOVE to watch Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and The Gilmore Girls.
  23. I really enjoy salsa dancing even though I have no formal training! It must that Cuban blood!
  24. I also love to dance to techno/house/whatever they're calling it nowadays.
  25. I once spent 18 hours on a train traveling from Bochum, Germany, through the Alps and Austria all the way to Verona, Italy.
  26. I have been to some part of Europe six times, 3 of those have been specifically to Spain.
  27. I witnessed the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain (but did not run).
  28. I also have been to Valencia during Las Fallas - the round the clock fireworks made it sound like a war zone!
  29. I have also travled to Guatemala and the tiny island of Dominica in the Caribbean.
  30. My two favorite cities to travel to: San Francisco & Barcelona.
  31. Ignorance and stupidity are my pet peeves.
  32. I am a sore loser.
  33. My lips are always chapped, no matter how many types of lip balm and lipsticks I use. They've always been this way.
  34. My sister is a painter and an art professor.
  35. I skipped 8th grade and went straight to high school from 7th.
  36. I went to an all-girls Catholic high school.
  37. I managed to get through those 4 years of high school without a single detention.
  38. I own an albino California kingsnake named Livia.
  39. I still have all four of my wisdom teeth and it looks like I'll be able to keep them.
  40. I have a widow's peak in my hairline.
  41. I have one small tattoo.
  42. I love my Palm Zire 71.
  43. I was born on a Thursday - "Thursday's child has far to go."
  44. If I could be anything, I would want to be a travel writer.
  45. I want to learn how to drive a motorcycle so I can ride with my husband.
  46. I want to do a tandem jump out of an airplane.
  47. I am a child of the '80s and I had a crush on Apollo from Battlestar Galactica.
  48. I never got to meet my Mother's parents - they passed away in Cuba.
  49. I have also yet to meet my Mother's aunt, my only other close relative. She still lives in Havana with her family.
  50. I will go to Cuba someday, hopefully in the next 5 years.
  51. I met my husband while working at the same company (but in different departments).
  52. We got married in a renovated 1920's movie theater called The Majestic Metro located in Downtown Houston.
  53. My favorite alcoholic drink is a Margarita on the rocks although Cosmopolitans are a close second.
  54. I am a sleepy drunk - one too many and I just want to sleep!!
  55. My favorite non-alcoholic drink is orange juice.
  56. I prefer salty snacks to sweets.
  57. I am a recycling nut!!
  58. I have a minor in Renewable Natural Resources.
  59. I am a social coffee drinker but don't drink it at work.
  60. I do not like sports and am completely non-athletic.
  61. I don't like going to the beach becasue I don't enjoy being out in the heat and wearing a bathing suit.
  62. I do love the ocean though!
  63. I do like cold, crisp weather and rainy days.
  64. I am secretly in love with Jude Law. *swoon*
  65. I have only broken a bone once and it was when I was 14 I was practicing for my ice skating lesson.
  66. My dream for retirement: my own travel-themed coffee shop and a small flat in Barcelona.
  67. I've never smoked a cigarette, or tried anything illicit.
  68. I actually enjoy living in Houston.
  69. I use to be an active "spelunker" in college.
  70. For breakfast every morning I drink a glass of chocolate milk, usually in the car on the way to work. I have been doing this since I was child. I can't remember when I started the habit.
  71. I played the piano as a child but didn't keep up with it.
  72. I love the Sanrio character, Keroppi.
  73. I am warm natured - I sleep with a ceiling fan and floor fan on at all times.
  74. I am a night owl and never get to sleep before 1 AM on any given night. Even if I had an exhausting day, I get a 2nd wind around 9 PM.
  75. I listen to NPR on the radio every weekday morning while on the way to work.
  76. I am 2 ½ years younger than my husband.
  77. I am 8 years younger than my sister.
  78. I love blown glass knick knacks.
  79. I prefer modern art and The Menil Collection is my favorite museum in Houston.
  80. My favorite artist is Matisse, but not his paintings. I prefer his papercut collections instead.
  81. My favorite poet is E.E. Cummings.
  82. My favorite architect is Antoni Gaudi.
  83. It's hard to pick a favorite movie but if I had to, it would be The Matrix.
  84. I don't have a favorite author because I like a little bit of everything.
  85. Same with favorite musician or band (although I do love Barenaked Ladies and Erasure).
  86. Since I was born on St. Lucille's day, I went through a very short stage when I hated my name and wanted to be called Lucille instead (which my Mom says they considered briefly).
  87. I have no middle name.
  88. I enjoy photography and know how to develop my own black and white prints in the darkroom.
  89. On my first date with my husband, my Mom's Rottweiler snapped at him (he spooked her) and his fingernail was black for months afterwards. I still managed to get a 2nd date out of him though!
  90. I grew up watching Benny Hill with my parents as a kid.
  91. I was stung by a jellyfish went I went down to Galveston beach when I was around 6-7 years old. That hurt!!
  92. I do not like the color pink although it actually looks good on me because of my fair skin color.
  93. I also never really liked Barbies.
  94. I preferred to play with my Legos and I had a huge town with several blocks of streets, two train sets (electrical and battery powered), an airport and even working electrical lights.
  95. Spanish was my 1st language. I learned English in pre-kindergarten when I was four.
  96. I went to the Spelling Bee once and represented my middle school. I was eliminated with the word "elevator" because I over thought and doubted myself.
  97. I get bored very easily.
  98. People think I am extroverted but I am actually not good at small talk - I have to make an effort.
  99. I actually like musicals, especially live productions.
  100. I am a Sagittarian.



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