Profiles of the Authors

Stacie Marinelli

Before attending library school at the University of Maryland's College of Information Science, I received a BA in English and French at SUNY/Albany and studied Social Psychology at NYU and Boston University. More recently I worked as a free-lance editor and writer. When I created this website as a first year student, I must confess I had some negative ideas about librarians and I took on this project to understand why I, and others, have felt this way.

Over the years I have also known a great many wonderful women who were librarians and few were stereotypical. I had good experiences with librarians. One wonderful memory stands out from elementary school, of going to the local library and asking the librarian on duty for books on a certain topic. This woman, who I remember as an exchange librarian from South Africa, went right to the stacks and quickly assembled a quantity of relevant books. I recall looking at her as if she were a goddess and thinking that she truly understood my love of books. So it's strange that the stereotype remained in my head.

And now for some revelations: I do wear glasses. I can't wear a bun (my hair's too short). I *love* comfortable shoes! And I hope never to lose my sense of humor, even if I am a librarian.

Tim Baker

The topic of librarians' image had not been of much concern to me prior to this semester-- my first as a MLS student. But I entered the project expecting to find out about the current state of my chosen profession and its future prospects. I came to library science after having received an M.A. in history and that probably accounts for the somewhat dry tone of the History section of our site (historians are not supposed to have fun). I think that one of the more valuable parts of our Webpage is the Resource list so please check it out. Thanks for visiting.

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