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Yahoo! Groups
Colonial Wars - Tim Peterson's great forum for exchange of ideas on this hobby
Colonial Battles - for sharing pictures and files
Cape Wars - Darryl Smith's heroic effort to provide a haven for enthusiasts of this obscure period
Maori Wars - specific to New Zealand intertribal and Maori-pakeha wars. Moderated by me!
Ostafrika - Darryl Smith's list for wargaming German East Africa specifically.
The Royal Navy from 1789 (1) - A massive file- and picture-archive with many good pictures of 19th-century sailors.
The Royal Navy from 1789 (2) - Continuation of above.
Early20thWars - Early 20th century wars other than the world wars, encompassing colonial theatres as well.
Great War - WW1 in miniature. Most of the discussion is European, but the colonial "sideshow" theatres invariably come up now and then.
Between theWars - Wargaming the period 1919-1939, all theatres.

Colonial Wargamers' Pages
Major-General Tremordon Rederring's Colonial Wargames site - really the best one on the net Sepoys on the riverbank
Ed Allen's Colonial Wargaming page - some nice engravings from the British newspapers of the time
Bob Cordery's Colonial Wargames page - photos of surviving 19th-century ships, free rules, poetry, good things!
The Adveantures of the Red Shadow - wargaming the French in West Africa, by a very serious enthusiast and modeller.
Garden Wargaming - a thoroughly charming colonial site for wargaming with larger figures.
By Jingo - a splendid recource, including discussions on the ethics of colonialism, figure and book reviews, and historical articles.
New Zealand Colonial Wars - Steven Thomas's page, including reflections on gaming the period, free rules, a painting guide, and a bibliography -- all superb.
Gisby's Gaming Page - Tim Peterson's promising new site with amazing scratchbuilt adobe buildings
With MacDuff on the Web - writer of the set of rules by his name. Battle reports from NWF games
Ruggero Romano's Wargames Page - has the beginnings of an Italian colonials page
The Colonial Angle - Steve Winter's website, with very nice game reports, with lovely terrein.
The King's Carbine - Nuno Pereira's site on Portuguese colonial campaigns in Africa, 1846-1918. In skeleton form at the moment, but has a very good article still there on the Conquest of Southern Angola 1885-1915.
kwaAndy: Introduction to Colonial Wargaming - Andy Cowell's colonial site for beginners coming into the hobby. It has great links to historical descriptions of colonial wars, including some of the less studied like the 1st Afghan War and Dahomey.
The Universal General - A Belgian gamer's fine site of Victorian minis, scenarios, historical photos, and alternate history.
Tim's Pony Wars Page - Tim Greene's page on American Indian Wars of all sorts. The site remains in its early stages, but his Crow, Blackfeet and Mountain men miniatures look just fantastic. Good free rules too for intertribal Plains conflict.
Umbumbulozo! - A gallery of finely-painted Zulu War and 1920s British Somaliland figures.
For Queen and Country - a well-done Space 1889 gaming page with pictures of games
15mm Victorian Era Miniature Ranges - a comprehensive list of manufacturers and links. - A German wargaming club's page with an interesting Vernian 25mm "Atlantis 1881" campaign page.
Sir Peter Accross the Globe - Jim Stuht's page made on the Major General's model for another interesting alternate-history campaign.
Principles of War - Includes a section on colonial wargaming with free Maiwand and Khartoum scenarios.
Morval Earth - Alan Hamilton and John Mumford's colonials page, with pictures of VSF and Indian Mutiny games, and some free rules.
Sir Garnet's 19th Century Military History & Wargaming Site - A brief page with introductory articles and game reports. Pray for updates!
Blaze's Corner of the Web - An introductory page on 25mm wargaming using Ral Partha colonials.
Bob Burke's Page - Bob is the back issues editor of Savage & Soldier, and has a handy list of the issues and articles on his website.
The Jackson Gamers - A large group in Mississippi that games colonial wars. Has a good free online rules page.
Lone Star Historical Miniatures - Another large group, this time in Texas, with colonial battle reports.
The Phoenix Wargamers - A Glasconese wargaming group, with a set of free NZ Wars rules and pictures of figures online.
The Kapiti Fusiliers - A wargaming club in Paraparaumu, New Zealand, with an excellent Colonial NZ Wars miniature gallery.
Napoleon's Headquarters: Rantoul Campaign - Another interesting fictional pan-Atlantic late-19th century colonial campaign.
Tabletop mit Plastikfiguren - A German group's site with amazing well-painted Zulu and Sudan 1:72 plastics in their gallery.
Liberation! - A site in English dedicated to wargaming the neglected Latin American wars of independence - really superb!
The Rules With No Name - Online Old West skirmish rules with a section of Maori Wars scenarios
The Sword and the Flame - Tim Peterson's explanation of the rules with helpful links for the beginner.
Chronofus Australian Wargames Scans - A noble and diligent effort to help gamers keep track of Eureka (and other) releases.
The Miniatures Page - Bill Armintrout's enourmous recource, with the best mintiatures manufacturers directory on the net.
Military Miniatures Magazine - includes listing of Tumbling Dice Arab Revolt and ESCI plastic colonials, both 20mm. Great all round recource for wargaming with plastic figs
Flags of the World - Not strictly a gaming page, but nevertheless a Godsend.

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Colonial Miniature Manufacturers' Pages

The Foundry - Once the most exhaustive range of colonial miniatures available. Most figures are 28mm, with the the Darkest Africa ones closer to 30mm.
    Gisby's Unofficial Page - Tim Peterson keeps online lists out-of-production Foundry ranges.
    Source Comics and Games - As a corollary to the above, one of the few sources of discontinued Foundry colonials.
Great Endeavours - The sculptor of the classic Ral Partha Colonials line, Tom Mier, is recasting these old standby true 25mm colonials, with excellent sculpting, albeit slightly old-fashioned posing.
Old Glory Miniatures - An extensive line of British Colonials, including Indian Mutiny, Maori Wars, Zulu, Sudan, NWF and Boxer Rebellion, with lots of variety of pose, 29mm, plus 15mm Sudan and Zulus.
Cannon Fodder Miniatures - Very nicely sculpted 30mm Cape Wars, Sudan, Italians, Sand Pebbles, Anglo-Irish War, and more, by my friend Greg Blake, 30mm.
Eureka Miniatures - Home of the Eureka 100 Club (including Colonials), and a lovely Pax Limpopo VSF range, all in 28mm.
Minifigs - slightly chunky and ill-cast but varied 25 and 15mm figures
Warrior Figures - looking a little undernourished, all these figs are real characters, 30mm
Grandiosity Books - sells Old Glory 15 and 28mm colonials.
Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company - Sell extremely nice German colonials, great white hunters and African fauna, and British and French figs in home service uniforms, 30mm.
RLBPS - Sells HLBSC, Copplestone Castings, Steve Barber, and Frontline figs and buildings in the US.
Haus of Stuff - Complete list of Frontier and Victorian Classics, the former have very good Zulu and Boxer Rebellion figs especially. Also did Italians, WWI in Middle East and Africa  amoung others. Unfortunately they don't take orders!
Copplestone Castings - Foundry-quality "Return to Darkest Africa" figures, at better prices than Foundry! 30mm.
Pulp Figures - A new line of early 20th century adventurers, cavemen, American sailors, Chinese gangsters, and German Marines. Very nicely sculpted and promising, 29mm.
Essex Miniatures - Fairly good, though overweight Sudan and Zulu line with early and late Sudan campaign Egyptians, 28mm
Wargames, Inc. - A shop in West Virginia that carries Essex and Dixon colonials.
Redoubt - extensive 32mm Wellington in India, FFL, Zulu, and Sudan ranges. Also purveyor of Abbott's miniatures' Napoleonic West Indies line.
    Darryl Wagner's unofficial page - for Redoubt, antedating the new Redoubt website above. - includes list of Matchlock (actually Falcon US) minis, including Boxers, South West Africa, Dahomey, Russo-Japanese War, and Indo-China
The Quartermaster - Virginian distributor for Falcon UK. Nice & afffordable Wellesley in India and WWI East Africa lines.
Rafm - small line covering the Riel Rebellion and 1889 Brits, plus Edwardian civilians, part of their Call of Cthulu line, 27mm.
Castaway Arts - An Australian company that makes really cool Ashanti Wars and Sudan lines.
ItalWars - Makes good 28mm Italians, great Abyssinians, and Belgians.
Strategia e Tattica - Another Italian manufacturer with an Adowa line -- haven't seen them, but have heard good things. Website in Italian only.
Dixon Miniatures - small Indian Mutiny line, large Old West Line, French in Dahomey 1890, colonial river steamers, all 28mm. The heads are a bit big on the older lines, but otherwise good. The Dahomey line was done by a different sculptor and is much better, more like Foundry Darkest Africa figures.
The London War Room - A manufacturer in Mississippi recasting the old Houston Lizard's Crin Colonials, including ship armaments, Ashantis, Chinese, Maoris, Sikhs, Dervishes, and Mexican Adventure in 25-26mm. They also make a much better-sculpted "Off the Beaten Path" range with African animals, cacti, Tupi and Apache Indians, and Hadendowah, as well as the superb "Parroom Station" Space 1889-ish VSF line and their own Resin steam launch and airships! 28mm.
Bicorne Miniatures - New range of Italians, Abyssinians, NWF, Sudan (including Brits in padded neck cloths and Reconquest-era Egyptians!) and Boers so far. Haven't seen these up close so can't give the size.
Black Tree Design - Formerly Icon Miniatures, and Harlequin before that. Small but very well-sculpted range of Zulus, Brits, and Boers, 32mm.
Scheltrum Miniatures - makes a fine 28mm Rajah Brooke line, one of my favorite ranges, complete with buildings and a steamer. Scheltrum also makes some 28mm Victorian Sci-Fi contraptions and figures and some 1:72-ish Middle Eastern buildings.
Reviresco - a really nice line of 1:72 WWI vehicles, a 1:72 British-style railway train, plus 1:64 Anglo-Irish War, Darkest Africa, French colonials, WWI in Africa, 19th c.naval armaments, 1920s cars, role-play minis, dirigibles, War of the Worlds, and other good stuff.
1st Corps Ltd. - 28mm Cape Frontier Wars Line, as well as the Seven Years War in India.
J & T Miniatures - Resin Old West buildings, BIG 18th century ships, Sudan gunboats, Houston wagons, Connoisseur Sudan figures, 30mm, and they used to make some interesting Minnesota Sioux Uprising figures and buildings ("Dogs of the Hot Moon").
Ellerburn Armies - sell the old Hinchliffe colonials -- 25mm, low-detail, but well-proportioned. Excellent wagons and artillery.
Askari Miniatures - A new company making 19th-20th century French colonial tirailleurs at extraordinary quality, 26mm.
Falcon Miniatures - Falcon US, the hitherto notoriously unreliable maker of many obscure 25mm colonial lines - German SW Africa, Dahomey, French Indo-China, etc. - now under new management. Figures are 26mm, and a little chunky, so will often fit in with slightly larger figures.
Battle Honours Miniatures - Fine new range of WW1 figures, including Palestine theatre, with Africa to follow! 28mm.
Dominion Miniatures - Robust, but otherwise very good and well-detailed large 25mm WW1 Australian Light Horse range.
Mongrol Miniatures - Makes very good 20th-century Afghans to fight the Soviets in some shade of 25mm. The poses with SMLEs could equally be used to fight the British in the '20s.
The Virtual Armchair General - Sikh Wars flags, The Sword and The Flame rules and scenario portfolio, 15mm Rajah Brooke buildings and ships, 28mm gunboats, good 28mm card buildings and figures for Gangs of New York-type games.
Silver Eagle Wargames Supplies - carries Irregular animals and colonials & Tin Soldier 28mm WWI in Mideast. Neither are quite up to Copplestone standards, but each fills important gaps in other ranges.
Caliver Books - UK shop, current purveyor of the old Falcon US colonial ranges. Be careful about large orders -- they may take a while to arrive.
C & Q - nice and expanding range of WWI in Africa and the Middle East figures in 20mm.
Brookhurst Hobbies - enormous wargames shop including list of B&B Arab Revolt figs, 20mm
Cellmate Miniatures - Tod Zechiel's neat little line of 15mm Boxer Rebellion figures.
Wildly-Inspired Miniatures - A New Zealand company producing 15mm Maori Wars, Zulu War, and Pony Wars figures.
Monolith Designs - manufacturer of superb adobe buildings and native huts. - maker of plastic plants, some of them ideal for gaming.

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Historical Reference

The British Empire - Uniform plates of nearly every regiment in the Indian Army, historical articles, very helpful!
The Victorian Web - A general overview of the period from the British perspectrive
Victorian Military Society - Publishes a great journal of obscure Victorian military history.
Land forces of the British Empire and Commonwealth - information on some of the combatants
Victoria Cross Awards Prior to WWI - Shows every VC issued in Victorian period - mostly in colonial wars.

South Africa
South African Military History Society - Very detailed and scholarly online articles on colonial wars.
Anglo-Boer War Museum - The Bloemfontein war museum's page - lots of interesting old photos and a few mini-biographies.
Anglo-Zulu War Historical Society - Good photos of the Isandlwana area
History of the Anglo-Zulu War - Ian Knight's exhaustive page on the subject.
74th Highlanders 1846-1853 - An article from a Scottish history site on the regiment's role in the Cape Frontier Wars.

Egypt and the Sudan
Americans in the Egyptian Army - some information on the old Ottoman Egyptian army
The Home Page of Bydand Forever - A re-enactment group of the Gordon Highlanders, 1882
The Zanzibar Archive - Great info on 19th century Central and East Africa. Unfortunately the link only works some of the time.
The Melik Society - Preservation society's site for Kitchener's gunboat from the Reconquest of the Sudan. Good pictures and diagrams of the real thing.

German Africa
The Bakweri Land Claims Commission - Includes a page on the Bakweri Resistance against the Germans in Kamerun.
PSM Data History - a collection of "webified" primary sources, including an Abushiri Rebellion battle report!
German Colonial Architecture in Togo - A very helpful resource for terrainmaking
Das Deutsche Schutzgebiete - A useful resource on the German Schutztruppe with an option to translate the page into English.
Traditionsverband - A German language page (no translation) with Schutztruppe uniform plates.
Deutsche Marineuniformen - Another German language page, this time on naval uniforms. Many illustrations.

19th Century British and Indian Armies - Interesting photographs and some uniform details
Indian Princely States - a page on the princely states within British India
Harappa - Has good 19th century Mutiny-era photos and prints of India and uniform plates for the late 19th century.
Sikh Cyber Museum - includes enormous picture gallery for the colonial Punjab, including Anglo-Sikh Wars material.
Superior Technology Defeated - article on Maiwand by an Afghan colonel - very scholarly and the most detailed on the web.
Indian Army History - The official site, so it is a little biased. Decent article on a fight in the Pathan Revolt; great photo gallery.
CFI: Campaign for India - Really just a very, very well-researched wargaming page, but most useful for its extensive bibliography and list of military units in South India, ca. 1775-1783.
Sarhad Conservation Network - A Pakistani organization dedicated to preserving historical landmarks, which has a very interesting gallery of prints and photos depicting scenes in Northwest Frontier Province under the British, many of them military.
The 44th (East Essex) Regiment of Foot - An enthusiast's page on this extinct British regiment, including pictures of impressive 1st Afghan War miniatures.
A Short History of Bengal - Tanmoy Battacharya's handy compilation of dates and events. See "Modern" link for 18th-century content.
Encounters 1500-1800 - Gallery of an Indian art exhibit at the Victoria & Albert Museum with some 18th-century military content.

65th Regiment Reenactment - Great info on British and government New Zealand Wars uniforms.
The New Zealand Defence Forces 1860-1883 - a good page about Militia and Armed Constabulary organization.
Helens' Page of New Zealand History - Genealogy enthusiast's site with muster rolls and casualty lists for NZ Wars units.
The New Zealand Wars - Run by a history prof at Massey University, Palmerston North. Some general information.
First Maori War (1845-47) - Scans of 15 period watercolours by Cyprian Bridge and John Williams.
Samuel Mitchell, V.C. - A site dedicated to a British sailor who won the VC at Gate Pa, by one of his descendents.
Flags used during the New Zealand Wars - Illustrated article at the NZ Ministry of Culture and Heritage's website.
The World of Ned Kelly - My favorite, it is run out of a souvenir shop in Glenrowan itself, but is surprisingly impartial.
Ned Kelly: Australian Ironoutlaw - a detailed page on Ned Kelly, by another shopkeeper-enthusiast, but slightly more partisan (pro-Ned) than the previous one. Good bibliography.
Eureka On Trial - The best site I know of on the Battle of Ballarat, run by the Public Records Office in Victoria, with transcriptions of 90 primary documents pertaining to the battle, including eyewittness accounts with maps! Exhaustive.
Eureka Stockade - A geneology page with a complete OOB for the government force at the battle.

A Visual Sourcebook for Chinese Civilization - good info on 19th- 20th century Chinese architecture and clothing.
Moro Historical Research - Includes good pictures of preserved arms and armor.
Crimean War Research Society - Mabye not colonial, but valid Victorian stuff
Lawrence of Arabia Factfile - Not really Victorian, but still more or less colonial. Great stuff.
Ironclad Warships and Forgotten Sea Battles - ship specs and maps for instances of real gunboat diplomacy

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