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One of our hobbies is military modelling and wargaming, with an emphasis on the Colonial period.

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        Foundry Darkest Africa II News
        German colonial sources
        Remember Isandlwana!
        The Singapore Mutiny
        Raid on Mashama's kraal
        The Battle of Omar's
        Isandlwana Again
        Macduff in Bengal: A Close Brush
        Keeping De Wet from Defeat
        Mysore Wars: Nandi Droog
        Maori Wars: Gate Pa 1864
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     Why Must We Fight Tribe Against Tribe? - Trevor's rules for Maori and North American Indian Intertribal Wars
     The Forest Is Vast (scenario generator by Tim Greene for Why Must We Fight Tribe Against Tribe?)
     Tribe Against Tribe Quick Reference Sheets (courtesy of Tim Greene also)
     The Galleon and the Flame (Trevor's variant of The Sword and the Flame for 16th-century privateering)
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Early (pre-1700) Colonials Page
       Miniature Gallery
       Miniatures Scenarios:
           Magellan's Death at Mactan 1521 (New 28/6/04)
           Baçanete, Ethiopia, 1542 (New 10/11/04!)
           Wolstenholme Towne, Virginia, 1622 (New 16/8/04)
           Turners Falls, Massachusetts, 1676 (New 25/7/04)
       Games (coming)
Miniatures Scenarios:
The Eighth Cape Frontier War:
       Hunting in the Waterkloof, 1851 (NEW 11/1/05!)
The New Zealand Wars:

        Turuturu-Mokai , South Taranaki, 1868
        Second Te Ngutu o te Manu , South Taranaki, 1868
        Maraetahi , Urewera Country, 1870
New Zealand Battlefields
    Part I: Taranaki
        Te Arei - Pratt's Sap
    Part II: The Waikato
        Pukekohe East Presbyterian Church
Painting Service
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Wargaming is the hobby of fighting miniature simulated battle on a tabletop using lead model soldiers. At best these can only be vaguely reminiscent of real warfare, but it is a source of unbounded enjoyment and relaxation for the enthusiast. There are no casualties, no widows and orphans, no lasting psychological damage inflicted by these 'little wars,' and relatively little cost. Winning is not so important, just the fun one gets out of playing and how the game goes. The Victorian period especially can be heaps of fun, with horse drawn waggons, steam engines, heliographs, and observation balloons all used within the same period. It also has the appeal of pitting 'ancients,' armed with sword and spear and relying on sheer pluck, against 'moderns,' armed with rifles, artillery, and early, somewhat unreliable machine-guns.
Painting Service (Announcement: Now Defunct!)
This is to say that I am going into business as of Fri, 22 Jan 1999 as a painter of historical wargames miniatures, specialising in (can you guess?) Victorian-Edwardian colonials!
Painting service
* You send me your figures, with the money, in US cheque made out to Trevor Brabyn
* Will remove flash, and assemble for $0.50 extra per figure
* Anything I think is especially difficult (ex: tartans, shield designs, etc.) cost $0.50 extra per figure.
* Irregulars, i.e. "Every figure is different", (ex: Boers, frontiersmen, civilians, etc), cost $0.50 extra.
* I prime all figures with a high quality white (or very rarely black or gray) primer.
* Option of matte, semigloss, gloss, or no finish. The norm will be semigloss.
* Your figures are detailed with washes, inks, and/or drybrush techniques
* The paints I use are  acrylics, with some inks and enamels.
* I paint all periods, but will usually need uniform references.
* Anything out of the ordinary, like guns and limbers, I will give a price on if you ask

My prices for regulars (for irregulars, ie. lots of variation from fig to fig, add $0.50 per figure):

Prices ($US)   15mm                    25mm

Infantry:            2.00                      3.00
Cavalry             3.00                      5.00

Shipping 5.00 in USA

Send the miniatures to this address:

Trevor Brabyn
533 Pine Crest Rd.
Mill Valley, CA 94941


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