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My name is Charles Van Dyke. Next to me is my "parrot" cat, Ponji. I am glad you decided to join us. Sit down, take off your shoes, and stay a while. I hope you will enjoy my page. Here is a snapshot of who I am and what I do.

It has been a while since I dusted the place, so I have cleaned up a bit. It may take a bit to finish, but while I am working on it, enjoy!

I practice Transcendental Meditation. TM is an important part of my life and I recommend it highly.

I teach a set of Yoga Asanas for those who are just starting to do Yoga and/or have difficulty with some of the more traditional postures.

I am married to a fine lady, who's name is Katharine. We are owned by a bunch of cats. You can see some photos in the Photo Gallery.


On Novenmber 1, 1998, I resigned from the Board of Directors and my position as Chairman of the Board for The National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA). I still support NAAFA completely, I just had to resign for personal reasons. NAAFA is working to end discrimination based on size and weight and has one of the best size acceptance bookstores online.

I administer NAAFA's Internet mailing lists, fat-acceptance and naafa-members. Fat-acceptance is open to anyone interested in fat acceptance. To join send an e-mail to majordomo@world.std.com with the message:

subscribe fat-acceptance

Naafa-members is open to NAAFA members only. To join send an e-mail to majordomo@world.std.com with the message:

subscribe naafa-members

Gentlemen's Quarterly, June 1995, featured me in an article called BIG.

You might be interested in a few of my links.

Contact me at: cvandyke@earthlink.net

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