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Angels at the Oasis

Instruments don't make music, People make music.

Compared to the number of aspiring actors, travel agents, day traders, organic gardeners, yodellers, quilters, raku potters, tuba players, or collectors of antique cars, Tupperware, or salt and pepper shakers, there can't be too many makers and players of medieval instruments on the planet. It just seems logical that we should want to keep in touch with each other. And the internet certainly reduces the travel expenses.

Feel free to contact me with your successes, or not, with medieval music and its instruments. As you may have surmised by now, I'm particularly interested in the interface between traditional, idiomatic, instrumental techniques and medieval instruments. If you have stories or suggestions I would enjoy hearing them. You may choose your preferred method of communication below.
Humans are social beings and communication makes society possible.

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Please observe the customary courtesies and credit any fair use.
It is far more pitiable to steal than to be stolen from.

Comments, suggestions, and emendations are welcome.
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"A player may play on his instrument with thas or that fingering, in this or that manner,
he may even help along with his nose on the fingerboard;
what matters in the end is the music produced."

Michael Praetorius, 1620