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I like to think it's curiosity rather than ego that makes me keep tabs on what happens to my musical children as they wander about the country. Since the tunes have a specific point of origin, I've always thought it might be fun to write an article (for the Journal of American Folklore or some such) about their evolution. That's assuming I could trace the exact links: In the beginning A begat B, or maybe the San Diego version connected to the Phoenix version, the Phoenix connected to the Denver, the Denver connected to the neck bone...
There are a number of people who have managed to track me down over the years (each one a story in itself) and send me a copy of their CD demonstrating their versions. And for all of them I am very grateful. There are others I have only heard about, mostly through Googling, which has supplanted much of the oral tradition in our times. Here is a list of performers who play my tunes publicly. Those who have sent CD's are preceded by (*)

The American Cafe Orchestra. "The Early Years." Highlander's Farewell/Waiting for Nancy/Kalotaszegi Legenyes.

Eric Anderson, Seattle. Medleys of Old Joe Clark/Waiting for Nancy and Sal, Won't You Marry Me/Waiting for Nancy, described as "...happy Midwestern tunes, square-dance-like, always a cheer on this switch."

Fay Baird. "I Believe I'll Go Back Home." Nixon's Farewell.

Cathy Barton & Dave Para, Booneville, MO. Played Waiting for Nancy on "Old Time Country Music" on Iowa Public TV.

Black-Eyed Susies, St Louis. Waiting for Nancy.

Boneyard Creek Boys. Waiting for Nancy.

Boiled Buzzards.
(*)"Early Bird Special." Nixon's Farewell & Sadie at the Backdoor/Waiting for Nancy.
"Eat at Joe's." Nixon's Farewell, with double fiddles!

Hilarie Burhans. "Put On the Skillet." Waiting for Nancy.

Bob Carlin. "Where Did You Get That Hat?" Waiting for Nancy.

Clyde Curley & the Oxymorons. "Old Time Mandolin Music." Run Rabbit Run/Nixon's Farewell/Feed Her Candy, Tell Her Lies.

Greystone Ramblers, Philadelphia, Waiting for Nancy.

Jake Leg Wobblers, Western North Carolina. Waiting for Nancy. (Jake leg was one of my mother's phrases.)

Kilbride, on the "Bristol Fiddles" CD. The Barlow Knife/Waiting for Nancy/Pigtown.

Lalla Rookh. "Do You Want Kilts with That?" Cuckoo's Nest/Maid Behind the Bar/Nixon's Farewell.

(*)Late Bloomers. "Sneakin' in the Back Door." Waiting for Nancy.

Leaping Lulu, Logan UT. Nixon's Farewell.

Dan Levenson & Rick Thum. "A Reason to Dance." Waiting for Nancy.

Bertram Levy. "That Old Gut Feeling." Washington March/Waiting for Nancy.

(*)Bob Mills. "Whatever Happened." The Farmer's Wife/Nixon's Farewell.

Moldy Jam, Madison, WI. Waiting for Nancy.(Sound clip on their home page.)

(*)Buddy O'Reilly Band. "Under the Table." Waiting for Nancy.

Peach Bottom String Band. Waiting for Nancy.

Pig's Eye Landing. "Wild Hog." Oakwoods Song/Waiting for Nancy.

Piney Creek Weasels. "Off To California." Spotted Pony/Waiting for Nancy/Quince Dillon's High D.

The Poodles. "Unleashed." Waiting for Nancy/Highlander's Farewell.

Reed Island Rounders. "Wolves in the Woods." Waiting for Nancy.

Scrüj MacDuhk. "Live at the West End Cultural Centre." Waiting for Nancy/Aqua Marine One Step/Paddy's Jig.

Rick Sims. "Simple Melodies." Waiting for Nancy.

SkyeLark. "Dancing Down the Moon." Nixon's Farewell.

(*)Stringbeings. "Being Reel." Road to Boston/Waiting for Nancy/Crook Brothers/Crow Creek.

Stringdancer, St Louis, MO. Staten Island/Ragtime Annie/Waiting for Nancy.

(*)Rick Thum & Friends. "A Reason to Dance." Rock the Cradle Joe/Waiting for Nancy.

(*)Susan Trump. "Live at Caffe Lena." Rocky Mountain Goat/Nixon's Farewell/Old Molly Har.

Ken Waldman. "A Week in Eek." Sadie at the Backdoor/Waiting for Nancy.

Wild Rose String Band, w/ Laurie Andres. "Wild Rose." Black-eyed Susie/Waiting for Nancy.

Bill & Fritzi Wisdom jam list, Philadelphia. Waiting for Nancy.

Write me with any updates or emendations. (One of my favorite lines from old-time radio: "We reserve the right to make additions or deletions at our discretion.")

Curt Bouterse. PO Box 84025 San Diego CA 92138