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The notices for my MA in Ethnomusicology, 1983
The mudra is Vitarka, Teaching, the LP is Chinese Opera, the cloud band robe is from Cirebon, Java.

If you have questions, comments, or reminiscences please let me know. I love to talk and write and would enjoy hearing from you. Those who have sold their soul to the devil and practice Internet Worship may email me at "curt at bouterse dot com" (modified to perhaps filter out the less intelligent spammers). Those of a more tactile bent or calligraphically inclined may write me at PO Box 84025, San Diego CA 92138.

"Never Lose
the Heart of the Beginner:
Not Even Occasionally,
Not Even in Old Age."

This quote from the Japanese dramatist Zeami (1363-1443) should be embraced by every artist, scholar, teacher, and thoughtful human being. It is our salvation from arrogance, a goad against complacency, a connection to the next generation, and guide to a Life of Wonder.

After months of rain and a flooded basement, the desert blossoms as the rose, Anza-Borrego, 2005.

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