Cultural Arts Center
of Douglasville/Douglas County

What's happening  this month  ~  this week?
Link to art classes at the CAC.
Link to Grassroots awards.
Executive Director Laura Lieberman
and the Cultural Arts Council's Board of Directors
invite you to experience the arts in our community.
picture of the Arts Center

Enjoy the arts close to home,
thanks to these supporting agencies:

  • President, Bob Smith
  • Executive Vice-President,
    Marcita Scharnhorst
  • Vice-President, Renee Sanders
  • Treasurer,
    Marilyn Jentzen-McLean
  • Secretary, Mary Beth Day
  • Michael Carter
  • Sarah Claussen
  • Carol Collins
  • Allen Culpepper ~ new Board member!
  • Marianna Depetris
  • Marian Dowland
  • Mary Ann Franklin
  • Dr. Lynn Holmes
  • Michael Miller
  • Winton Moreland
  • Doc Stovall
  • Aida Tullis

We love our sponsors!