Spring Concert Series 2003

Saturday, May 24th, 7-9pm
Vientos del Pueblo (Winds of the People)

Music of the Andes

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Visit the band's website.

Vientos del Pueblo was formed seven years ago in Atlanta, Georgia. Their music contains sounds from contemporary and traditional Andes folk music complemented by Latin and African rhythms. The band exists to promote the ideas for respect of nature and admiration of beauty and spirituality that are the essence of the music and culture of the Andes. The name of the group means Winds of the People.

The members of the group come from a diverse international background including Chile, Bolivia, El Salvador and the United States. They play a vast array of traditional instruments from the Andes including zamponas, quena, charango, Spanish guitar, electric bass guitar, ocarina, bombo, Peruvian cajon, tumbadora, claves, chachas, and caja. They have played in a multitude of different arenas around the Atlanta area including the DeKalb County Arts Council's World Party, Agnes Scott College, and CNN. Their most memorable performance was sharing the stage with the renowned Sukay at Oglethorpe University in 2000.

Vientos del Pueblo received a standing ovation from the Douglasville/Douglas County audience after their first appearance on O'Neal Plaza last year, so we're bring them back for an encore!

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