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Arts Resource Guide
for Douglas and Paulding Counties

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The Grassroots Arts Program of the Cultural Arts Council is in the process of conducting an inventory of the artists and arts groups living and working in Douglas and Paulding counties, enriching our lives with your talents. If you think you might qualify for inclusion in our Resource Guide for the Arts, fill out and mail in one of these pages:
(click here>>) individual artist
(click here>>) civic/cultural group

The purpose of creating the Arts Resource Guide is twofold:

  1. To identify groups which may be eligible for and interested in
    receiving Grassroots Arts Grants and/or participating
    in other CAC-sponsored activities, and
  2. To showcase the artistic talents of our citizens.

The CAC's Arts Resource Guide will be made available to other non-profit and civic organizations.

"This initiative will help us to identify more groups in the community which provide programming in the arts," stated CAC Executive Director Laura Lieberman. "The CAC enjoys a mutually beneficial relationship with many arts organizations in our community already. There are satellite groups of the CAC, such as the Douglas County Art Guild and Cowboy Poets, and there are also non-profit organizations such as Douglasville Community Outreach and Jocada, with which we have formed a partnership to produce special programs to fulfill our educational and outreach mission. But we know there are many local clubs, church-affiliated music and theater groups, and individual artists we have yet to meet."

Arts Resource Guide information forms for Douglas and Paulding County groups and artists are now available from the Cultural Arts Center, located at 8652 Campbellton Street in Douglasville - or may be completed and printed out from the CAC's website. Artists and groups may call 770-949-ARTS (2787) to receive the Arts Resource information form by mail. There is no charge for participating.

Resources must be based in Douglas or Paulding County. Organizational resources may be either arts groups or community service organizations including civic clubs, churches, theater groups, arts festivals, Boys & Girls Clubs, libraries, senior citizens' centers, and Parks & Recreation Departments which provide arts programs for the public. Artists may be professional or avocational, working in visual art, literary art, music, dance, theater or multi-media.

Questions? Contact Contact the CAC at 770-949-2787 or Cary Cleaver  ccleaver@mindspring.com

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