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Arts Guide
The Grassroots Arts Program is compiling a Resource Directory of artists and arts organizations based in Paulding and Douglas Counties. Fill out a simple form on-line (click here) and send it to the Cultural Arts Council via snail mail or e-mail.

Grassroots Arts Program

Application Deadline: September 3, 2005
What Are Grassroots Arts Grants?
Printable Forms Available Here
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Three Grants Awarded in Douglas County for 2004-05
Paulding County Grassroots Program in the Libraries for 2004-05

Prior Year Awards & Services Offered

Printable Forms for 2005-06:

Grassroots Arts Program Guidelines ~ Application Form and Narrative Form
Funding Purpose & Priorities ~ Tips and Line-by-Line Instructions
NEW: Read the Panel's Scoring Criteria

--> You may also request these forms in ms word  via e-mail:
E-mail your request to ccleaver@mindspring.com
--> Guidelines and application forms for Douglas and Paulding County are also available from the Cultural Arts Center in Douglasville, 8652 Campbellton Street; call the CAC at 770-949-ARTS (2787) to receive the materials by regular mail.

What Are Grassroots Arts Grants?

      Grants of $500, $1,000, and $1,500 are available to eligible non-profit organizations to provide programs in the arts (visual art, theatre, dance, music, or literary art) in our community. A total of $3,000 will be awarded in Douglas County, and $3,000 will be awarded in Paulding County. These grants must be matched by local funds raised or contributed for the program. Funding spans a fiscal year, that is: from October 1, 2005 to June 30, 2006. The deadline for applications is September 3rd.

      The Mission of the Grassroots Arts Program, also known as "GAP," is simple:
To provide the public with access to the visual, performing and literary arts through community-based organizations which are in tune with local interests, needs and standards. Grassroots funding allows smaller arts groups to expand or improve their programs, to try something different to attract new audiences, to collaborate with artists in designing activities - also to form partnerships with other local agencies in the process.

      Applicants may be either arts organizations or community service organizations that develop an arts project for the general public or for traditionally under-served audiences. Applicants must be nonprofit organizations or units of local government. Civic clubs, churches, theater groups, arts festivals, Boys & Girls Clubs, libraries, senior citizens' centers, Parks & Recreation Departments - all of these types of community-based groups may be eligible to apply.

      The Georgia General Assembly funds the Grassroots Arts Program to make sure that all Georgians have access to arts activities which enrich our lives. GAP is a program of the Georgia Council for the Arts, and is administered locally by the Cultural Arts Council of Douglasville/Douglas County with help from citizen advisors.

       Each Grassroots "grant" is really a legal contract for services to the public in the arts. Each award must be matched with cash from other sources, demonstrating a partnership and buy-in from the grantee and the people who participate in the programs. The maximum request is $1,500 and the minimum grant award will be $500. Grassroots grants are not for general operating support of large-budget organizations, but rather to assist smaller organizations with support for specific arts projects in the community.

      Please refer to the complete Guidelines in English or GAP Guidelines in Spanish / Guias en Español for more information about the types of projects which may be funded, and what cannot be funded, with Grassroots grants.

      The Grassroots Arts Program is made possible by funding from the Georgia General Assembly, through the Georgia Council for the Arts. Laura Lieberman, Executive Director of the Cultural Arts Council of Douglasville/Douglas County stated, "The Georgia General Assembly realizes that community-based programs in the arts enliven our communities, educate us and enrich our lives as well as contributing to tourism and overall community development. The CAC is entrusted with administering the Grassroots Arts Program locally with the help of citizen advisors drawn from both Douglas and Paulding counties."

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Grants Awarded this Fiscal Year, 2004-05:

$2,777 in Grassroots funding has been awarded to Paulding County for storytelling programs in its three Libraries this June. The library staff will also receive workshops to expand their storytelling skills. Contact the library nearest you for the schedule. The main library number is: 770-445-5680.

$3,000 in Grassroots funding has been awarded to three Douglas County organizations for innovative, community-based arts projects taking place between October 1, 2004 and June 30, 2005.  Details follow:

Douglas County residents will notice something new in recycling this year: a convenient new recycling station will make an artistic statement while educating students and their parents about the importance of recycling to protect our environment.

Keep Douglasville Beautiful has been awarded a $1500 matching grant to support its "Beautiful Recycling" project at Hunter Park.
Aspiring actors ages 10-14 will be able to polish up their stagecraft in a spring program taught by an experienced actor, dancer, and public speaker.
Douglasville Parks and Recreation Department has been awarded a $600 matching grant to support its "Stage Acting Camp" with Dorilee Pervorse.
The pubic is invited to a celebration of the arts of diverse cultures tentatively scheduled for March of 2005, presenting actors, authors, storytellers and a special performance by Grupo Canaveral whose musical repertoire ranges from Mexico to Argentina.
Turner Middle School has been awarded a $900 matching grant to support its project, "Celebrating Diversity ~ Celebrating Culture ~ Celebrating the Arts ~ Celebrating Community."

Prior Year Awards & Services Offered

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