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The Webelos Scouting program transitions boys from Cub Scouting to Boy Scouting. Cub Scout Dens become Webelos Patrols and the Scouts learn about the Boy Scout program. Over the course of 21 months, Webelos Scouts have an opportunity to earn 20 activity badges (pins). Along the way, they will earn the Webelos rank, the Arrow of Light, track their progress with compass points, and earn additional belt loops and academic pins.

Boys may become Webelos Scouts upon completion of the Third Grade or are 10 years old. Scouts that are in the Bear program normally bridge over to Webelos at the end of May or beginning of June and may start work on the Webelos rank award right away. With year round schools prevalent in Riverside, many Dens meet all year round to keep the boys active and moving forward on the 20 Activity Badges and various Belt Loop and Academic and Sports Pins that are available.

Physical Fitness, Safety and Health are re-emphasized during the Webelos program. Boys can use the athletic activity badges to prepare for the Presidentís Challenge. The requirements are on The President's Challenge website.

As Webelos transition from the first to second year, the California Inland Empire Council of the Boy Scouts of America offers the Tribe of Wisumahi program. This week-long Camping experience gives many boys the first chance to catch a fish, do archery and BB Gun marksmanship, and make crafts and lore about the American Indians.

Webelos Scouts may wear the blue Cub Scout or khaki Boy Scout uniform. Webelos cap, neckerchief, and insignia placement is the same for either uniform. They can choose the blue belt with the Webelos Scout buckle or the olive belt with the Boy Scout buckle. Cub Scout belt loops fit only the Cub Scout Web Belt.

Many Webelos programs elect to keep the boys in the blue uniform the first year of the Webelos program because it still fits and to reduce the expense of buying new uniforms. Most Webelos Dens or Patrols move to the Boy Scout khaki uniform around the start of the second year as part of the transition to Boy Scouts and doing more with Boy Scout Troops.

Forms & Flyers

Webelos Scout Rank Individual Advancement Chart (Excel)

Arrow of Light Requirements Checklist (Excel)

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