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Description: Description: Description: Image of the new Tiger Cub Handbook CoverThe Boy Scouts of America supports a program called Tiger Cubs for First Grade boys (or those that are 7 years old) and their adult family members. Tiger Cubs are part of a Cub Scout Pack and meet several times a month in Tiger Cub Dens. Tiger Cubs and Den coordinators wear an Orange Tiger Cub T-Shirt with the Tiger Cub emblem. Tiger Cubs wear the new Tiger Cub Hat.

The goals of the Tiger Cub program are to have fun together, get to know one another, to grow together, get along together, and to discover together. Through the use of the Tiger Cub Handbook, and the support of the Cub Scout Pack, Tiger Cubs is an excellent way for boys and their families to learn about Cub Scouting programs and opportunities.

Tiger Cub programs have become an important early start to the Boy Scouts of America by introducing boys and their parents to Scouting together. Many Tiger Cubs Scouts go on to Cub Scouting and Boy Scout programs. The California Inland Empire Council of the Boy Scouts of America recognize the significance of this early start program by holding a Council-wide Tiger Cub Graduation ceremony each year to recognize the Tiger Cubs and their coach for the activities they've done during the year and to promote their continuation into Wolf Cubs.

Parents: Tiger Cub Leaders attend Cub Scout Leader training and have lots of resources to assist in developing a viable program. Many Tiger Cub Leaders go on to be Den Leaders and stay with their son through the Boy Scout program. If you are interested in becoming a Tiger Cub Coach, please contact the Pack.

For more information about Tiger Cubs, check out the Tiger Cub Handbook

Last update Sunday, October 09, 2011