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Thomas M. Archer
Pvt. Daniel Raymond Clark,
Co I/7th South Carolina Infantry

William D. Barton, Jr.
Pvt. Hardeman Harvey Barton
Co K/13th Arkansas Infantry

CPT Todd D. Bembry, US Army
Pvt. Thomas N. Bembry,
Co F/5th Florida Infantry

LTC(Ret) Larry R. Bowman, US Air Force
Pvt. George Washington Lewis,
Co B/2nd Regiment
Arizona Brigade

SSG (Ret) Dwaine Bright, US Army (Life Member)
Cpl Thomas Jefferson Bright II,
Co C/23rd North Carolina Infantry
Brig. Gen. John Morgan Bright,
Inspector General of Tennessee
Cpt Willis Collins Bright,
Co E/8th Tennessee Infantry
Pvt David F. Bright,
Co G/18th Virginia Cavalry

James D. Burke, Ryan Perks (Cadet)
Pvt Simeon T. Burke,
Co A/22nd Georgia Infantry
Pvt James A. Hurst,
Co H/5th Georgia Cavalry

Clint L. Cooper
Pvt. Elisha William M. Cooper,
Co F/53rd Georgia Infantry

CPT Patrick W. Crowe, US Army
Pvt. James Sinkler Norris
Co C/1st (Butler's) South Carolina Infantry

Donnis W. Davis (Life Member)
Pvt. Daniel Payton Davis
Co. E/17 Mississippi Cavalry

David S. Dugan
Pvt Thomas Wood Machen,
Co G/31st Alabama Infantry

SFC (Ret) Kent Gallamore, US Army (Life Member) 
Pvt Asaph Gallamore,
Co H/25th North Carolina Infantry
Pvt William K. Osborne,
Co E/25th North Carolina Infantry

Dr. Loyd R. Ganey, MAJ (Ret), US Army
Pvt Luke R. Ganey,
Co E/28th Alabama Infantry

John Greeny
Sgt Dennis B. Greeny
Co G/31st Tennessee Infantry

Forest Hauser
Sgt. Daniel Bird,
2nd Brigade, Texas Militia

Keigan R. McCloud, MSG (Ret) Robert L. McCloud IV, US Army
Pvt. William Madison Elliott
Co D/34th Alabama Infantry
Pvt. Franklin Carter Hillyer
Co F/26th (O'Neal's) Alabama Infantry
Pvt. James Calvin Casey, Jr.
Co C/39th Alabama Infantry
Pvt. William Jefferson Posey, Sr.
Co G/33rd Alabama Infantry
Pvt. William Sellers
Co E/15th Alabama Infantry
Pvt. John Joseph Sellers
Co E/2nd Alabama Infantry &
Co E, 63rd Alabama Infantry

George McCormick
Sergeant Jonathon McCormick
Co D/2nd Virginia Infantry

Benjamin H. Middleton
Sgt John Thomas Middleton
Co G/23rd (Martin's) Tennessee Infantry

Abraham A.C. Mohler
Pvt John L. Mohler,
Co B/10th Virginia Infantry

James T. Payne (Life Member)
1st Lt, William Riley Payne,
39th North Carolina Infantry
Pvt James Latham Egger,
8th Confederate Cavalry
Pvt James Monday,
Thomas' North Carolina Legion
Pvt James Todd,
1st (Orr's) South Carolina Rifles
Pvt John B. Wilson,
8th Louisiana Cavalry

TSgt (Ret) Herbert B. Sampson, US Air Force
Pvt Harrison Jones,
Co E/14th Kentucky Cavalry

James R. Sober, Jr., J.R. Sober, III, Joseph O. Sober
SGT David W. Butler,
Co C/2nd Missouri Cavalry

Rev. Steven D. Spencer
Pvt Rufus A. Wallace,
Co H/48th Tennessee Infantry

Aaron J. Tipton (Charter Member), CSM (Ret) Curtis E. Tipton, US Army (Charter Member, Life Member), Graham V. Tipton, Gaius E. Tipton (Cadet)
Pvt. R.A. Huey,
Co D/19th (Biffle's) Tennessee Cavalry
Pvt. Pleas Tipton,
Co M/7th (Duckworth's) Tennessee Cavalry
1st Lt. Robert J. Tipton
Co B/19th Tennessee Infantry
2nd Lt. Ellridge L. Tipton
Co F/37th Tennessee Infantry
Cpl. Samuel Houston Tipton
Co F/15th Texas Cavalry
Pvt. William E. Tipton
Co B/15th Texas Cavalry
Pvt. John B. Tipton
Co B/19th Alabama Infantry

Walter C. Tomlinson
Pvt. Lewis Henry Tomlinson,
Co I/4th Arkansas Infantry

COL (Ret) John T. Turner, US Army (Life Member,  Grandson)
Pvt Thomas Wood Machen,
Co G/31st Alabama Infantry

CW3(Ret) Daniel C. Tuttle, US Army
Pvt Thomas H. Green,
Co F/1st Alabama Infantry

SFC (Ret) Gerald R. Wheeler III, US Army (Charter Member)
Pvt William Sansom,
1st Mississippi Infantry
Emma Sansom,
Forrest's guide during Streight's raid

Dr. James D. Wiley
Maj. (Surgeon) Thomas W. Wiley,
Co A/6th Alabama Infantry

CW3(Ret) Michael A. Kaminski, Fayetteville, NC
Paul J. Karabin, Amsterdam, NY
Jean-Pierre Lerate, Libin, Belgium
Douglas Mack, Richmond, VA
 SGM(Ret) Tom Stoney, Sierra Vista, AZ


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