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The Sons of Confederate Veterans and the Arizona Division annually honor outstanding Junior ROTC Cadets with the award of the H.L. Hunley JROTC Medal.  The award, named after the famous Confederate submarine, CSS H.L. Hunley, the first in history to sink an enemy warship, is presented to a Cadet who best exemplifies the characteristics of the crew and commander of the submarine--honor, courage and commitment .
The award is presented to a Cadet selected by the Military Instructors at his or her high school.  Although the Hunley Award has a naval theme, it is appropriate to present it to an Army JROTC Cadet in that the submarine was commanded by an Army officer, Lieutenant George Dixon, a veteran of Shiloh and other battles in the western theater of operations.
The H.L. Hunley Award medal is pictured (right).  For more information, criteria for recipients and application procedures, visit the Arizona Division's website (click on the medal).
Click on the medal for more information.

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