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Becoming a Member
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Do you wish to join us in preserving our Confederate heritage?
How Can You Join?
To join we need a completed application, proof of your ancestor's service to the Confederacy, a "family tree" of your kinship to him and membership dues for the first year.
Dues for Full Members are:
National per capita tax:     $30.00
Arizona Division dues:    $5.00
Camp 1710 dues:          $5.00
There is a one-time $5.00 recording fee for new applicants. New applicants should submit payment in the amount of $45.00
Dues for Cadet members are:
National per capita tax:  $10.00
Cadets are not assessed Division or Camp dues
Dues for Associate Members are:
Arizona Division dues:     $5.00
Camp 1710 dues:           $5.00
Associate members may subscribe to The Confederate Veteran at their option.  Cost is $26.00 per annum.
Note that Full  and Cadet Member SCV dues are paid on a fiscal year basis.  The SCV fiscal year runs from 1 August through 31 July.  Dues become payable on 1 August each year.  If a member has not paid his dues by 31 October, he will be dropped from the rolls.  Associate members are billed on the same cycle.  Dues may be prorated for both Full and Associate Members if a gentleman joins in the 3rd or 4th quarters of the fiscal year.  Contact the Adjutant for details.
Life membership is available for $750.00 (up to age 64), $375.00 (age 65 to 79) and $197.50 (age 80 and above).  Note that Life membership does not include Division or Camp dues. 
Please contact the Adjutant  for more information and applications for Cadet and Associate membership.  Applications for Full membership may also be downloaded.  Click on the banner below and follow the directions on the web page. 

DO NOT mail applications to our General Headquarters.  Applications, including proof of service and payments should be sent to the Camp.

Who Can Join?
Full Membership
Full membership is open to any male descendant of a Confederate soldier, sailor or Marine who is at least 12 years of age.  Proof of one's ancestor's service is required.
Cadet Membership
Cadet membership is open to any young man from birth to 12 years of age who would otherwise be qualified for full membership.  Cadets may not vote, hold office or represent the Camp as a delegate to Division or National conventions.  Cadets may apply for full membership at age 12.
Associate Membership
Associate membership is open to any person, male or female, who either is not a descendant of a Confederate veteran or does not possess the requisite proof of service.  Male Associate members may convert to full membership once such proof is obtained.  Associate members may not vote or hold office.
Benefits of Joining
Full members receive subscriptions to The Confederate Veteran, our national magazine, The Vidette, the Camp 1710 newsletter and The Rebel Yell, the Arizona Division's newsletter. 
Cadet members receive a special membership certificate.  Cadets do not receive subscriptions to The Confederate Veteran, The Vidette or The Rebel Yell.
Associate members receive The Vidette and The Rebel Yell.  Associate members may, at their option, subscribe to The Confederate Veteran.
Inquiries or Applications for either Full, Cadet or Associate Membership should be mailed to:
Confederate Secret Service Camp 1710
Sons of Confederate Veterans
Attn.: Adjutant
PO Box 12980
Fort Huachuca, AZ 85670-2980

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All But Their Honor

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