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Prominent Arizona Confederates
Newman H. "Old Man" Clanton: Patriarch of the Clanton Family--the ones who fought the Earps at the OK Corral.  (The Earps were Yankees!  One Earp brother was a Union veteran.)
John. N. Leatherwood: Member of the legislature, prominent Judge, rancher, miner and citizen of Tucson.
Sylvester Mowrey: Miner, newspaper editor.
Granville H. Oury: Territorial legislator, delegate to the Confederate Congress, officer in the Army of the Confederate States.   The only man to serve in both the Congress of the Confederate States and the Congress of the United States. 
"Texas" John Slaughter: Pioneer, rancher, Sheriff of Cochise County.
Jack Swilling: Founder of the Salt River Project, the irrigation and electrical power system for Phoenix and the Valley of the Sun.
J.B. Taylor: Douglas businessman and pioneer 
James Henry Tevis: Founder and first Captain of the Arizona Rangers law enforcement unit, predecessor of today's Arizona Department of Public Safety.
John Frank Wilson: Arizona Territorial Attorney General, Arizona Delegate to Congress.
Brannick Riggs:  Cochise County Rancher, listed in the Rex Allen Cowboy Hall of Fame in Willcox. 
Cephas G. Kincaid:  Douglas businessman and pioneer
Daniel Showalter:  Member of California legislature prior to the War, supported California secession, moved to Arizona and supported Granville H. Oury.  Commanded a regiment in the Arizona Brigade.
Sherod Hunter:  Commanded Company A, Arizona Rangers, and the garrison at Tucson. 
Richard Ewell:  Commanded Fort Buchanan near Sonoita prior to the War, was the namesake for Ewell County (later renamed Pima County), Associate of Sylvester Mowrey in several mining ventures.
Nathan Terry Wanslee:  Prominent Gila Valley farmer and businessman.
Sam Ford:  US Customs agent before the War, member of Company A, Arizona Rangers.  Killed in action at Dragoon Springs.
John Donaldson:  Associate of Sylvestor Mowrey and Richard Ewell, Tucson businessman, member of Company A, Arizona Rangers.  Killed in action at Dragoon Springs.
John H. Wright:  Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court
Hiram Owens:  Prominent miner and Yavapai County businessman.
Samuel H. Drachman:  Prominent Tucson merchant and businessman.  A street in Tucson is named for him.
Dr. Francis H. Goodwin:  Physician, member of the Arizona House of Representatives, Board Secretary, Tucson Unified School District, Sheriff and County Assessor for Yuma County, US Marshal, US Customs Collector, Probate Judge and member of the Board of Regents of the University of Arizona.
John Elliott Walker:  Served in Co E, 43rd Battalion, Virginia Cavalry (Mosby's Rangers).  Clerk of the District Court of Maricopa County; Clerk of the Arizona Territorial Supreme Court; Maricopa County Treasurer; Sheriff of Maricopa County.
J.J. McClelland:  Prominent Tombstone merchant and rancher.
Amazon Howell:  Merchant and rancher in Tombstone; Texas John Slaughter's father-in-law.
C.B. Kelton:  Cochise County Sheriff and associate of Texas John Slaughter.
Mitts Quenner:  Mining engineer, holder of several patents for mining equipment.
David Crockett Davis:  Douglas businessman.
John Melton Biggs:  Douglas businessman and building contractor.
Charles J. Dunlap:  Douglas City Marshal.
Robert Perrin:  Rancher in Cochise County.
Jack Shepard:  Rancher in Cochise County.
John Hance:  Grand Canyon Pioneer and guide--probably the first white man to settle at the canyon.  First person to be buried in the Grand Canyon National Park Cemetery.  Hance Rapids on the Colorado River in the canyon are named for him.
John W. Parks:  Prominent cattleman and mine owner in Graham County.  Justice of the Peace in Solomonville, Deputy Sheriff under Graham County Sheriff William Whelan.
Clay Beauford aka Wilford C. Bridwell:  Served in Pickett's Division at Gettysburg.  Enlisted in US Army after the war.  Recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor for his service in the Indian Wars. After discharge, worked as a Scout for the Army.  Took part in the capture of Geronimo.  Represented Graham County in the Territorial Legislature.

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