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The Arizona Division has identified Compatriots who are willing to speak on topics related to the War for Southern Independence and our Confederate heritage.  These gentlemen are available to speak at schools, civic organizations, &c. 
The topics include:
The Sons of Confederate Veterans, History & Organization
Arizona's Confederate History
Black Confederates
A Soldier's Story:  Pvt. Osgood Knox Jones
The Common Confederate Soldier
Confederate Flags
Intelligence Operations during the War for Southern Independence
Lt. General Nathan Bedford Forrest
Medical Practices & Procedures
Small Arms
Confederate Coinage & Money
Uniforms, Civilian Clothing & Ladies' Fashions
"Top 40" Music of the Period
Genealogical Research & Military Records
Graves Location, Research, Marking & Preservation
To schedule a speaker for your class, organization or group, contact the Division Adjutant.

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