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 Membership in the Sons of Confederate Veterans is open to any male descendant , lineal or collateral, age 12 or older, of a Confederate soldier, sailor or Marine.  Proof of one’s ancestor’s service is required.  Documentation of such service can take many forms.  Best is a copy of his service record.  Other sources include pension lists, obituaries, unit rosters and other confirmed sources.  The Arizona Division Genealogist (click here) can assist with your search.  You may also use research sources such as the National Park Service Civil War Soldiers & Sailors data base.  Other sources include and  Click on the logos below to access these sources.


Click here for Ancestry.Com

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The S.C.V. also has a Cadet membership program for young men aged from birth to age 12.  Dues for a Cadet member are $10.00 per annum.  The same requirements for documentation of an ancestor’s service apply.  Cadets do not receive The Confederate Veteran and neither do they pay Camp or Division dues.  Upon reaching age 12, Cadets may convert to full membership.  Contact the Division Adjutant for a Cadet membership application.


Many Arizona Camps have an Associate Member program for those gentlemen who fully support our Charge but are not descendants or do not have the requisite documentation.  Associate members pay only Division and Camp dues.  They may, at their option, subscribe to The Confederate Veteran for an additional $26.00 per annum.  Associate members may not hold office or vote in Brigade or Division business.  Contact the Commander of the Camp of interest for more information on Associate membership.


Annual dues and fees for SCV membership are:
National per capita tax: 
Arizona Division dues:   
Camp dues:                        
See Below *
There is a one-time recording fee of $5.00 for new applicants.

* Camp dues (for Camps 1202, 1525, 1708, 1710, 2074, 2096 and 2233) are $5.00 per annum.  Note that Camps 1647, 2186, 2201 and 2251  do not have Camp dues at this time.  Camp 2316's dues are $2.00.

 Life membership is also available.  Contact the Division Adjutant for information

For more information and a downloadable application, click on the banner below.  You may also contact the Division Adjutant for an application.  Applications should be sent, along with your ancestor’s service documentation (copies only—no original documents) and your check payable to the Camp in the amount of $45.00 ($40.00 for Camps 1647, 2186 and 2201. $42.00 for Camp 2316).  DO NOT send applications and payments to General Headquarters or to the Division Headquarters.


Click here for application & membership information

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