Sanibonani Bomngani!

Ngimi Vusi Tsabedze

I am Will Spargur a returned Peace Corps Volunteer who taught Math and Science at Makhosini Secondary School in Southern Swaziland. I lived in Swaziland from November of 1992 till February of 1996.

My adopted Swazi name is "Vusi Tsadedze" which was given me by the Tsabedze family who I lived with during my service.

This website is for Swazi PCVs, their friends, my friends and anyone interested in seeing something of this beautiful Country. The Circle to the right is a summary of images that I have from Swaziland . Click on any image to open a larger gallery of related images. On the "Friends" and "School" pages are audio files from Swaziland. These pictures were taken during my service and visits in 1999 and 2001. I have also included picture series of current happenings, see links at bottom.



Updated 8/09/02
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