September 13th, 2000

Heal The Earth and Heal Yourself


World Wide Call for Meditation and Prayer


There is a need at this time for us all to unite in meditation and prayer for the healing of ourselves and the earth. A uniting asone with all things.


I am asking that you take a few minutes on these days to meditateeither in a group or alone.

Even if you can't do the meditation at the time stated, meditateor pray at a different time and ask that your prayers/thoughts unitewith the groups thoughts and prayers.


I am feeling strongly that it is Urgent for us to do this now andthat we should continue these meditations until Decemeber.


Second Meditation is to be on September 13th, 2000 at 6pm-7pm PacificStandard time. See notes below to refer to your own time zone


Suggested Meditation (Please feel free to do what you feel inyour heart.) Feel free to play an instrument, to sing, to dance, to do the meditation in your garden. Do whatever feels right for you.


We ask for protection from our Higher Power/Angels/Spirits/Guidesof Love and Light who would never intend us any harm. Surround us inLight and Goodness so that we may feel free to open our hearts fullyfor this healing to take place throughout the world.


I ask that you relax and feel the rhythm of your heartbeat….connect to all things….feel the heartbeat of Mother Earthand connect with the Earth…feel your hearts beat as one. Know that weare all one, that we are all loved unconditionally by our HigherPower, feel this love and send it to Mother Earth…feel the love return to you from her. Feel the unity, as we are all one.


Send this wonderful energy out and feel it surrounding the earth….healing all that is ready to be healed.


Asking that everything be for the good of all. Let us heal ourselves and each other. Let us all unite and make some great changes in this world on a global level. Feel the peace, feel the unity, feel one with all things, feel the heartbeat we all share. Feel your heart, feel the love and share it with everyone. Think about things you love very much and what brings you joy and peace. Radiate this energy out to others in this meditation. Asking forWorld Peace, Love and Joy. Letting everyone feel this in their being.


Shifting Global consciousness to a higher level so that we may see more clearly what we can do to accomplish our goals. I ask thisof our Higher Power for each one of us so that we may live our lives in a good way and work together for the good of all. With Love,


Other Meditations to Follow:


Meditation is to be on September 13th, 2000 at 6pm PacificStandard time.


Meditation is to be on October 13th, 2000 at 6pm Pacific Standardtime.


Meditation is to be on November 11th, 2000 at 6pm PacificStandard time.


Meditation is to be on December 11th, 2000 at 6pm PacificStandard time.


Bookmark this page for future reference, dates and times.


Please feel free to pass this meditation on to anyone you feel would participate, including newsgroups.

The goal is to have as many people as possible coming togetherall around the world.


Warmly, Deb


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