Here you will find a list of some of my favorite links, as well as a few facts about my personal interests.


One of my interests is Star Trek. This image is a drawing I did using Windows Paintbrush. Since I do not have a scanner, I have to create my images the old fashioned way . . . draw them by hand! Using an ad from a TV Guide for a model, I was able to draw this replica of the logo. This image is shown 25% of the actual size.

What Is It?

Here is another image I drew using Windows Paintbrush. It is another logo, and represents another interest of mine. If anyone out there can identify this logo, I'd like to hear from you . . . e-mail me below. If you'd just like to know what the logo is, click on it.

Many thanks to the folks at for providing the counter on
Russ Mason's Web Site.

All of the images used throughout this page were painstakingly drawn by my own hand using Microsoft Windows Paintbrush 3.1.

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