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This Week's Rebus

Snapshot 1

Below is a rebus I recreated using Microsoft® Windows 3.1 Paintbrush. The rebus is presented in a series of eight snapshots. This first snapshot reveals very little of the puzzle. Each succeeding snapshot reveals more and more, until the entire puzzle is revealed. Of course, you may choose to reveal the entire rebus at anytime by clicking the appropriate link below the puzzle.

The rebus solution can be a familiar phrase, a person's name, the title of something, or something you know.

The panels revealed on each snapshot are chosen randomly.

This Week's Rebus is an original design by Concentration's producer, Norm Blumenthal.

Rebus 38, Snapshot 1

". . . can you tell us what the puzzle says?"

Click here to reveal more puzzle pieces.

Click here to reveal the entire puzzle.

Microsoft Logo Hey! I drew that rebus myself using Microsoft® Windows 3.1 Paintbrush. :-)

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