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This page is a tribute to the Concentration game show which debuted as a part of the NBC daytime lineup in 1958. The master of ceremonies was Hugh Downs. He was later replaced by Bob Clayton, who remained the show's host until it's run ended in the early 70's.

I generally enjoy watching most any game show, but Concentration has always been my favorite. Classic Concentration with Alex Trebek was a good attempt at reviving the original game show, but they changed too many of the rules. The original rules made for a more interesting game.

For example, here is my rendition of the original game board. It had 30 numbered panels; Classic Concentration with Alex Trebek cut it to 25.

The Puzzle Board

The object of the game is to solve the rebus that lies beneath the 30 numbered panels. Two contestants face off, each taking a turn at control of the game board. On a turn, a contestant selects two panels, revealing a prize under each. If the two prizes match, the portion of the rebus that lies beneath is revealed. The contestant may solve the rebus, if he can, or may continue by selecting two more panels. A player loses control of the board to his opponent whenever the two panels he chooses reveal prizes that do not match. Control passes back and forth between the two players until one solves the rebus. That player is declared champion, and wins all the prizes he collected by making matches. The winner advances to the next game, playing against a new challenger.

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