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Submitted by Gene Davis Christianson Thanks to Gene Davis Chrisianson for sending in this photo, marking the end of Hugh Downs run as the host of Concentration. Bob Clayton becomes his permanent replacement. Submitted by Gene Davis Christianson

Bob Clayton at the puzzle board. Rare shot of Bob Clayton in front of the puzzle board . . . you hardly ever saw a human form in the same camera shot as the puzzle board. Although not computerized, this puzzle board was motorized. The panels have three sides, and rotated around a center axis. On occassion, a panel would get stuck, and the MC would have to step over and "flip" it around.

Concentration producer Norm Blumenthal. Norm was the one who thought up all those wonderful rebuses. Hey look! There's that "Mystery Logo" behind Norm's head! Norm Blumenthal, producer of Concentration

Bob Clayton and the Viewer Home Game. Bob Clayton during a "Viewer Home Game" segment. Viewers sent in their postcards, and if their card was drawn, they won a prize from the puzzle board. They used the first letter of the viewer's last name . . . A=1, B=2, C=3, etc. So, if your last name began with the letter "D", you'd get the prize that's behind panel "4" on the puzzle board.

Bob cuts the thirteenth anniversary cake. Bob Clayton and the thirteenth anniversary cake.

From left to right, Bob Clayton, Norm Blumenthal, and Hugh Downs From left to right, Bob Clayton, Norm Blumenthal, and original Concentration Master of Ceremonies, Hugh Downs. (That's right, Hugh Downs used to host a game show before he sat next to Barbara on 20/20). I believe this photo is from an anniversary show . . . Bob and Hugh were probably playing a game for charity, and Norm was pinch-hitting as MC.

Bob Clayton and the "Connie" award, the trophy that went to the winner of Concentration's Challenge of Champions. Bob Clayton and "the Thinker" trophy.

A salute to Japan. International games were a salute to a specific country, where all the prizes are from that country.

There were several different "home viewer" games throughout the show's run. The dollar amount displayed above the puzzle board here had to do with one of those games, although I have no recollection of this particular game and how it worked. If anyone has any information about this "home viewer" game, please e-mail me. Studio.

Bob Clayton Bob Clayton

Bob Clayton promoting the first issue of the Concentration Puzzles magazine. The "Concentration Puzzles" magazine.

Front of 1st issue. The first issue of the Concentration Puzzles magazine. Back of 1st issue.

Front of 2nd issue. The second issue of the Concentration Puzzles magazine. With this issue, the "Mystery Logo" began appearing on the back cover. Back of 2nd issue.

Front of 3rd issue. The third issue of the Concentration Puzzles magazine. Back of 3rd issue.

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