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I Remember Concentration
Dan Brennan has written a Concentration computer-game program that is based on the syndicated version with Jack Narz. It features color rebuses, a puzzleboard with 30 panels, a prizeboard with "sliding" prize slots, a "high scorers" list, "takes" AND "forfeits", and trilons that really spin! This is a shareware program. The "demo" version comes with six rebuses. If you like the game, and don't mind paying a very small registration fee, Dan will send you a version that has about 75 rebuses.


The Set
Gene Davis Christianson, a regular visitor to this website, submitted his rendition of the Concentration set from the late '60's for your viewing enjoyment. This image measures 1684 pixels wide by 616 pixels high.
The Puzzle Board
This image of the puzzle board was created and submitted by Daniel Dennis. Thanks, Dan!


Trilon Spinning #1
Here's the sound of one of those "trilons" spinning.
Trilon Spinning #2
Here's another sound of one of those "trilons" spinning, this one sounding alittle different.
Trilon Spinning #3
Again, the sound of one of those "trilons" spinning . . . this one lets off a reverberating sound that made me think the puzzle board was getting ready to explode . . . quick! Hugh! Grab the fire exiguisher! :-)
The sound of the buzzer.
"Board goes back."
What Hugh Downs says when the two prizes don't match.
"Still your turn . . . two more."
Hugh Downs directing the contestant to select two more numbers.
"Still your turn." #2
Hugh Downs: inflection #2.
"Still your turn." #3
Hugh Downs: inflection #3.
"Still your turn." #4
Hugh Downs: inflection #4 (this series could rival the many "No"'s of Trebek.)
"Look at these two parts of the puzzle . . ."
What Hugh Downs says as two trilons spin to reveal puzzle parts.
" . . . can you tell us what the puzzle says?"
Hugh Downs prompting the contestant for a solution to the rebus.
"Look at these two puzzle parts . . . can you tell us what the puzzle says? Shh!"
Once again, the prompt from Hugh Downs, and then a warning to the studio audience.
" . . . is right!"
Hugh Downs' response to a correct solution.
Organ Fanfare
What you hear when a contestant solves the puzzle.
"We'll go to Bob Clayton now to find out exactly what you've won!"
Hugh gets everyone ready to listen to a long list of prizes.

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