My name is Karen Swindell. The purpose of this web site is to post my genealogy research. In sharing the information I've found with other genealogists and family members, I hope to meet more cousins I might not otherwise have met and to continue revising my information until it is as accurate as possible. As such, I welcome any corrections and additions.

I have been researching my family's history for a number of years now and have met some wonderful people along the way. I am a Creative Memories Consultant and find that my love of photography, scrapbooking, and genealogy all go so well together. Along with researching my family's "past," I am also working to preserve my family's "present" for future generations to understand and enjoy.

Due to the large size of each family I'm researching, I am posting four different family groups as represented by my four grandparents: Swindell, Legg, Gejer, and Sudlow. Any other family line pertaining to a particular grandparent (from their female lines) will be posted within that grandparent's family group.

I have chosen, for the most part, to post descendants charts as opposed to my own personal ancestry chart because I want to include full families. I have not yet posted complete reports on each of these four families, but I have started pages for them and have some information listed.

My research is definitely a work in progress.  Check back often as I will update and correct information as soon or as often as I am able.

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