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Richardson Clambered Up And Saw The Tank Commander, Eyes Glassy, Sitting On The Floor Of The Tank Clutching Two Bottles Of Champagne." He Ordered The Lieutenant. Keep Them On The Road. Throw The Champagne Out And Keep All Hatches Open. The Cold Damp Fog He Figured, Would Sober Up His Drunken Column. As He Walked Back To The First Ambulance A Familiar Bundled-Up Figure Shuffled Toward Him. It Could Only Be Dr."Scattergood." "We Ought To Go Back To Brilonp," Said The Doctor Mysteriously And Grinned."Scat, What The Hell Is Going On?" Richardson' Asked Suspiciously. "Colonel.I Have To Tell You The Truth." He Confessed He Was The One Who Found A Warehouse Full Of Champagne In Brilon.
       Richardson Radioed His Executive Officer To Get The Rest Of The Task Force Out Of Brilon Immediately. If He Had To Shoot Them Out. And Again Started Down The Road On Foot. After A Few Miles The Fog Thinned And The Colonel Returned To His Jeep.
       At Midnight He Again Checked His Speedometer And Found That He Had Gone 109 Miles, And His Only Casualties Were Hangovers. But Five Miles Ahead Lay Paderborn, Site Of A Tank School And An Ss Replacement Army Training Regiment, He Stopped The Column, Told The Men To Gas Up, Eat And Get A Few Hours Sleep. The Next Morning They Would Be In For A Brawl.
       Meanwhile, Back To The Germans: March 29th.Model Drew Up An Estimate Of The Entire Situation And Teletyped It To Kesserlring: His Mission To Contain The Enemy At The Remagen Bridgehead And Prevent Wide Spread Advance Across The Rhine Had Failed: C0ntinuati0n Of This Defense, Therefore, Was"Absurd, As Such A Defense Could Not Even Pin Down Enemy Forces." A New Mission Was Necessary, Since An American Unit -This Was Task Force Richardson Had Suddenly Appeared Out Of Nowhere And Was At The Outskirts Of Paderborn. If This Force Was Not Snapped Off At It's Base, Army Group B. Would Be Outflanked. Model Asked Permission To Attack Eastward With The Lill Infantry Corps To Attack The Following Morning, March 30. [Curiously, On The Night Of March 29 General Von Zangen, Fifteenth Army, And His Staff Were Cut Off From Their Own Army, Which Was Part Of Model's Army Group. Between Zangen And His Troops Was The Main Body Of The 3rd.Armored Division, Which Was Following Richardson, Hogan And Welborn. Zangen Hid In The Woods With Some 200 Vehicles Until The End Of One Of Rose's Columns Rumbled Past. He Waited A Minute; Then, Using The Same Dim Lights As The Americans, Simply Joined Their Column. Sandwitched Between The Americans, Zangen Stayed In Line For Several Harrowing Hours. Finally, Near Brilonihe Left The Americans By Turning Off On A Dirt Road, And Was Soon Reporting To Model, Who Could Only Exclaim In Disbelief," You're Here?'
       Up Ahead, Richardson Was Planning His Own Attack On Paderborn, Never Suspecting That The Germans Were About To Attack Forty Miles Behind Him And Try To Cut Him Off From The Bulk Of The 3rd.Armored Division. At The First Light Of Dawn He Moved Out. It Was Dull, Cloudy. At A Crossroads. Panthers Knocked Out Richardson's First Two Tanks, And Two Miles Farther On, At A Village Only Three Miles From Paderborn. A Sizable Force Of Panthers And Tigers Darted Out, Attacking With Ferocity. After A Brief, Savage Fight Both Richardson And The Germans Pulled Back. It Was A Standoff: Neither Side Could Move Without Being Blasted. Richardson Radioed For Thunder-Bolts To Attack The Germans Who Were Hiding Behind A Hill, But Heavy Clouds Made Air Support Impossible.

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