The Villa Epilogue at the edge of Parfondruy, a hamlet of Stavelot as it
     looked in 1944, beside the road to Coo, Beligum

       View from the Ambleve of The CP of Lt Edmark and A/391 RO

     The view from my OP showing the railroad track, the Stavelot Trois Ponts road and the      Ambieve River

     This house down the hill from us was Headquaters of Col. Gustav Knittel

          The bridge crossing the small stream leading to the Chapel and Stavelot

     The road from Stavelot going to Parfondruy on Left, Ster and Moulin du Ruy on Right

     Historians Serge Fontaine, Charles Corbin,Mike Rennalds and Henri Rogeister
     standing in front of house that I used as an observation post from the top
     window.They did a good job of patching up the shell hole left of the window.

     The Villa Epilogue, view from the front

     The road to Parondruy from the Stavelot Trois Ponts road

     The front door to the room between the house and the born where the
      German SS Soliders mudered 15/16 people.

     This is the back door of the room where the people were mudered.
     The dark spots of blood stains still remain on the cement floor

     Charles Corbin and Monique Thonon standing in the side of the Villa Epilogue.

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