Crossing the Railway Bridge toward Entrance to Mortain.
The tracks are no longer there today.

To the Left in the background was where three of our Sherman Tanks got knocked
out when they tried to through holes in the hedgerow made by a tank doiser.
Our RO half-track was following each tank through the holes.

Charles Corbin shows the height of the hedgerows, in the
background was where the RO half-track was parked.

The R O half-track was parked here for 4 days. Having been cut off for a couple days a small Task Force broke through to us and tried to advance. A young Lt. knelt down just to the rear of our half-track and waved his infantry platoon past. Six of them were cut down and piled up in front of him.

Cremel Alphouse, Rene Langlois, and Emile Loisel show Charles Charles where a sherman tank was knocked out and burned fifty year ago.

Charles Corbin listens to Madam Rennne Alphouse explain she remembers seeing 4 tanks in the field across the road when she was 5 or 6 years old.

Monsieur Emile Louisel    Charles Corbin  Madam Renee & Monsieur Cremel Alphouse

This is Crossroads 272. On the Left is a sign pointing to La Graffardiere.
On the Right is a sign pointing to La Tete ala Femme

Charles Corbin received an autographed book from Dr. Giles Buisson

Rene Langlois Shows Corbin the 30th. Infantry Division monument on hill 317

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