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In 1989 I answered an inquiry of Henri Rogester of Belgium about the hamlet of Parfondruy. I had never discussed about the battle of Parfondry because I did not think anyone would believe what. I saw there before I was hit by German tank on Dec. 23, 1944. It was the end of the war for me. I sent a report to Haynes Dugan the Third Armored Division Association Historian. After Haynes Dugan had read and sent a copy fit to our Archives at the University of Illinois, he asked me if the Battle of the Bulge was my biggest battle. I answered no and told him Mortain was. He asked me to write about it and send it to him. I had never mention the battle to anyone because again who would believe I was in a field of coiled Sherman tanks and saw at least 12 of them get knocked out. I wrote about it because it was like yesterday in my mind.
Since then I have had time to ponder the Battle of Mortain and the Battle of the Bulge. Most writers use clichés and think the BOB was about Bastogne or the Malmedy Masscre. The real fighting was stopping the LTC. Joshien Peiper's Kampfgruppe of the1st. SS Regiment of the 1st SS Division. Taskforce Lovelady of CCB had cut Kampfgruppe Peiper's column on the Northern shoulder and CCA retaking the Hotton area on Dec. 25th. and helping retake the Manhay area on December 27th 1944.
They were two gambles by Hitler that shorten the war. Hitler could not come to the realization that Germany would lose all the territories they had captured and loose Germany. When Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin made a pact, Hitler was doomed as Russia was advancing on Poland. After the invasion by the Allies June 6, 1944 and establish the beachhead and making progress toward St. Lo, Rommel knew that it would be a matter of time when Germany would loose the war against the Russians and the Allies. , Field Marshals Von Rundstedt and Rommel could see the defeat of Hitler and Germany. His only chance had been to push the allies off the beach after they had made a landing. Russia was beginning to push the Germans back on their front and was at Rumania's border. Hitler called his two Field Marshals to Berlin for a talk. Rommel was for making a peace agreement. Rundstedt suggested to Hitler that they needed to regroup and prepare a better defense, by withdrawing from Southern France to the Loire, but Hitler would not listen and after loosing several Divisions during the Allies capture of Cherbourg on June 19th. he replaced Von Rundstedt with Field Marshall Von Kluge.Field Marshal Erwin Rommel had been Hitler's best and favorite Field Marshal up to then, but on July 17th.Rommel was seriously wounded near Caen by an attack by our aircraft. He went back to Germany to recover.
Von Kluge and Rommel were in a group that wanted to kill Hitler and end the war. Some of Hitler's top Generals and Field Marshals Rommel and von Kluge knew that Germany would be defeated, and to continue would be hopeless. They were in a large group that wanted to kill Hitler. A group of top Generals tried to kill Hitler with a bomb on July 20, 1944 but the attack failed.

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