Lt. Co. William B. Lovelady
Mg. Rose Pins Silver Starr on Lovelady
Lovelady Flies His Tennessee Flag
Lt. Col. William B.Lovelady        Mg Gen. Rose pins Silver Star on Lovelady       Lovelady of TN

William B. Lovelady Col. Roysden & Lovelady
Lt. Col William B. Lovelady     Lovelady Looks at Col. Dorrance S. Roysden's Silver Star

Lovelady and Friends
Lt. Col. Lovelady and Fellow Officers - Can You Name Them?

Lovelady & McCahan Lovelady & Friends
Lt. Col. Lovelady & Maj. Walter D. McCahan      Lt. Col. Lovelady And Friends?

Lovelady and friends Justin and Abbi
                    Lovelady and Friends                           Lovelady's Great Grandchildren; Justin and Abbi

                    The Pictures Above Were Sent In By Col. Lovelady's Daughter; Linda Sharp

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