My name is LeRoy Hanneman and I served in Hq/23rd. Engineers
almost five years. During World War II, I remember entering
Germany, going through Roetgen and coming up to the dragonteeth.
Our assignment was to fill in the hole where the Bridge was, after
being blown up before the Germans left. Elick Zak, Hq/23rd. was
the bulldozer operator. There were rails sunk in the ground so a
vehicle could not pass, that we pulled up. We did our job and
waited for the Task Force to come up
CORBIN: Leroy did you observe any person or any landmarks while
you were there?
HAANNEMAN: I did observe a man, maybe from the signal corp.
patching some lines
CORBIN: That must have been me as I came back from on top of
the Dreilagerbach dam to restore our phone line. Our men from the
RO/FO half-track had taken cover in some sort of block building,
from heavy shelling.
HANNEMAN: I did notice a building that was more like a stable or
storage shed. We did not hang around very long after the main
column passed as we were called to do another job.

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